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Children's jewellery making parties

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  • Children's jewellery making parties

    Has anyone done children's jewellery making or craft type parties? I had a phone call on Thursday night asking if I did them. Didn't like to turn business away so told the lady I'd see what I could put together. Anyway, just been and done the party and it seemed to go well but I could do with some tips from anyone else who does them ie what sort of things they have the children make, what sort of price do you charge, do you have the children all make the same item or do you give them a choice etc. What I did was make up some kits which enabled them to make either a pair of earrings, a beaded bracelet or a mobile phone charm.

    Many thanks!

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    Sounds like your doing the right thing. Give them a small choice as they don't always want the same thing.
    Use the same materials to make diffrent items keeping your outlay smaller. Don't make the activity to complicated, some kids get it quickly some don't, there's nothing worse than a flustrated kid.
    I ran an afterschool/playschemes for 3 years. kids 5-13 so had to come up with all sorts off things for them to do. The internet is awash with ideas. Just google kid's crafts.
    Keep your activities simple but interesting and age apropriate. Things that don't create a lot of mess, wet glue / glitter I would avoid.

    Are you coverd for kids on your insurance and do you need to be crb coverd?

    Good luck.
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      No entirely sure what you mean on the insurance cover?

      I'm police checked anyway as I'm a registered childminder.


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        Do you have public liability cover. If one of the little darlings cuts themselves or sticks a bit of wire in there finger the parents could get funny and sue. As childminder you should have some insurance, will it stretch to the party thing?
        Check if your CRB covers it too.
        I have to have 3 seperate ones.

        1 for playsheme.
        1 for school dinners.
        1 for school crossings.
        2 are with manchester council but dif departments. So need seperate crbs.

        just trying to cover your back
        these days ya can't do anything without being coverd just in case one person gets upity.
        "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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          I'm on the Isle of Man, we have different laws over here. I'm not running a scheme for children, I'm going to their house when they have a supervised birthday party and keeping them occupied for an hour or so. The only police checks that are necessary here are if you are employed to work with children in the capacity of the jobs such as you mention in your post.


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            children's jewellery party

            I run children's jewellery parties and it does take a lot of planning in advance.
            I make up colour coded boxes of beads - pink/purple beads, blue/green beads, red/orange/yellow beads and mixed box of the rest. I also have abox of focal, fancy lampwork , bigger beads. I tell them they can use as many of the small beads as they want, but can only add say 3 fancy beads, and 2 metal charms for example. That way you don't get a child making a chunky bracelet of all your most expensive beads which cost a fortune.
            I also prepare in advance some 9 inch lengths of softwire with a toggle clasp already added at one end. Then they can thread on the beads of their choice and add a crimp and toggle/clasp to the other end to finish it. They really enjoy threading and rethreading the beads to get the design they want. obviously 9 inches is longer than they need but you can make it to fit them.
            Another good idea is to take some squares of velvet/velour material (try a sample book from a curtain shop) Cheaper than bead boards for every child and stops the beads going everywhere.
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              Re the insurance part. I have in the past done childrens craft parties and I'm registered on the kidzcraft website. They recommend that you have insurance for the reasons that Goldy suggested and I must admit that I would have it too just for your own peace of mind. Even if you are going into peoples homes (as I do) then it is still advisable to have insurance. They advise on the kidzcraft website that parents don't take people to do parties that aren't insured.
              What I would also do is make sure that you take along a few extra bits for the children who finish quickly - I used to be a teacher so I know what a nightmare those children can be!! I also have a starting activity of making a bag to put the finished project into - I normally do 'treasure chests' and jewellery boxes so this is a nice extra - as well as using up some time!
              Hope this helps
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                Hi Daydream, we run cardmaking classes for adults in our local community centre, and the local business investment course (Invest NI in N.Ireland) insisted we arrange insurance before we started any of our classes - no matter what the parents say, if a child cuts themselves, they will be after some compensation these days!! It wasn't actually that expensive, I googled a crafts insurance company who are based in Scotland (can't remember the name just now at the PC, sorry). Good luck with the parties!!
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                  Whilst I'm grateful for people taking the time to respond, not meaning to sound cranky, but I wasn't asking for advice on the legal side of things. Being a childminder I'm very aware of society today and the need for liability insurance. I was looking more for advice about charges, what sort of things the children can make etc.


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                    I charge £6.50 per child.
                    I charge a travel fee if further than 10 miles and the bridge fee if I have to cross the river.
                    they make a memory wire bracelet and then one of the following:
                    pendant necklace with two dangles
                    a bag charm
                    size 6/0 bead necklace
                    or a key ring
                    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                      Hello all - i have today had an enquiry about a 12 year old attending a workshop. I have public liability insurance which specifically covers my workshops although there is nothing specific about whether adults or children are covered and I made no statement about this but I am not CRB checked. I know that to teach children formally you must be CRB checked and also have the relevant teaching qualification.

                      So, the question is, on the basis that this is a leisure event and I intend on advising parents that they must remain with their children at all times as they will retain responsibility for their care would this be a problem? I am not sure if CRB is compulsory if you are not taking over responsibility for that child in the parents absence?

                      Any help appreciated or if anyone knows who I should ask that would be great as I need to respond to my customer!