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ebay - buying dies from america

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  • ebay - buying dies from america

    do any of you do this ?? I've read before about people having to pay more because of customs or something
    have you had any trouble
    I've seen a die I really want but I just can't seem to get it from this country but theres one on there from America

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    You will pay customs if the item is over £18 and it's a major customs whack plus takes forever to clear. IMO if the item is under £18 go for it otherwise it gets mega costly. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
    Terry xxx
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      I have been really really lucky i have never paid customs (as yet) i even got my cricut and all my dies from the us but im sure there will be a day i get had. Can i ask what die your after

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        its the quickutz blackboard die
        I spend a fortune buying the die cuts from e.bay so thought I might as well buy the die
        its under £10 so that should be ok shouldn't it ??


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          Dont take my word on it, but on my experience it is quite rare to end up paying customs, especially on something small.

          I have ordered shoes (crocs) from the us, quite large parcels all times as other family members wanted some too and postage was more reasonable the more you bought. And never got stung with customs. On a moneysavingexpert thread where people are getting crocs from the us hardly anyone has had to pay anything, and it is a very long-running and popular thread!

          So I would say if its something you really want, go for it and take the chance!

          Be prepared to wait quite a while though - postage from the US seems really slow!

          If Id known you wanted it I could have picked it up for you in Florida


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            now you tell me lol
            to be honest it just didn't cross my mind to buy it from America , I just looked on ebay and couldn't find it in this country but didn't scroll down and see that I can get it from America lol
            we only really use them for thank you teacher cards so I've bought enough to last me this year and hopefully it won't take a year for the die to arrive lol so I should be ready for end of school next year
            thanks for the thought though very kind x x