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somebody stop me please !!!

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  • somebody stop me please !!!

    I was looking online last night and fell in love with some dies for my big shot
    I've got up this morning and bought an 18th one a 21st one , a clipboard one and now I've bought a whole set of fast food dies
    someone stop me please before I buy anymore
    I've got birthday money still from April and never see any clothes etc I like but show me a craft shop or a website and I can spend far too much

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    lol who are we to stand between a woman and here crafts

    your'e not spending money for spendings money sake, you are spending to eventually make more you could say every spending splurge is an investment
    so if anybody asks tell them you never waste money you invest it wisely
    Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes CAN change your life !!

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      I have found the perfect antidote to this - get someone who doesn't appreciate crafts to drive you to a craft store!! My friend kindly offered to drive me to Crafts U Love yesterday as he had nothing to do and fancied "a day out" He then followed me round the shop looking bored so i quickly grabbed what i went for and left - i swear he saved me at least £50.00!!

      If you have the money from your birthday and haven't spent it yet then why shouldn't you spend it on something you want??! If you don't it will end up going on everyday stuff so just enjoy!!


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        Look at it this way, your dies won't put any inches on your waist line

        Go for it.
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          its getting so bad that we're desperate for some card blanks from the range but can't be trusted just to go in and get them without buying anything else so we're having to take my mother and father in law with us and they're going to go in and get them for us
          oh dear lol


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            buy, buy, buy!! There's always the "It'll come in handy sometime" excuse even if you don't know when or for what!
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