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crafts discussed in the House of Commons

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  • crafts discussed in the House of Commons

    This week there was a 30 minute debate about traditional crafts in the House of Commons.

    You can see the whole transcript of the debate here

    The Heritage Crafts Association have been campaigning for crafts to be recognised as an important part of our living heritage and funds made available to ensure skills are passed from one generation to the next.

    The Crafts Council does great work promoting contemporary innovative craft and English Heritage and the National Heritage Training Group have done good work on traditional building skills, now we need similar support for the ordinary everyday crafts. If you think this is a good idea you can sign up and join the campaign for free here.

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    Originally posted by waitingformagic
    Will go off to read... This is possibly the only thing that's interested me in politics!! Wouldn't've expected them to talk about that!

    Off topic: I remember you saying you were asked to do bowls for RH - I was keeping an eye out on set for them! If they were being used for all of the filming, at least the Surrey filming, I believe I was using one in one shot and you got some goooooooood screen-time! They did a funky night time shot where we walked to the table and put our bowls down one after the other - fantastic advertising for you if that's your stuff and they don't cut it!!!!!

    Sorry for going OT, but felt a bit odd bumping your old thread about the movie... xxx
    That sounds fun, I am taking my lathe down to Shepperton in a couple of weeks, never been on a film set before.


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      It's encouraging that the powers that be are taking a serious interest in the craft sector, I seem to fall between the two parts of craft, my work has been dismissed by local contemporary craft galleries, presumably it's not contemporary enough or not good enough perhaps, but I wouldn't consider what I do as a traditional craft like the ones discussed in the debate. I shall soldier on regardless, you know how it is when you love what you do and have a head full of ideas.......


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        This is quite an old thread but never the less it did get me to thinking about things, thanks for bringing it up again.

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