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    Do any of you use or go to networking things?

    I went to the business advisors networking for women thing today, which was really badly organised but apart from that i met a fab wood carver who is going to make me a lovely wooden sign in hearts, a wedding planner who is going to promote my service and a greengrocer who is going to buy all millions of gooseberrys i have on my allotment!

    Very random but good overall.

    Also got free 6 months membership to a womens networking organisation

    Does anyone find them useful?

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    I have done the networking thing, should have gone to one this am but decided against it. Maybe it is me but I felt that because I did craft and the other women had 'proper business's' that I was treated a bit like a village idiot. They were accountants, lawyers, property developers you get my drift.

    Annie Annie (forum member) and I have met for coffee and it is about time we did it again, I think crafters are unique and are often only understood by other crafters.

    Congratulations on your find, this is what it is all about helping each other and as on here buy from other members if possible.


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      I see caroles point - but in the case of jewellery (and maybe other crafts too), I think there is a real potential benefit in these types of events.

      I used to go to one for Small Business Managers when I worked for the Charity - we got a lot of people who offered us a discount - we helped promote their business as we were a bona fide customer, and they gave us good prices (and I have to say, excellent service!!)

      I think apart from the obvious bartering of goods and services, there is a real benefit when you are just starting out or still quite small at least to have an hour a month to meet a group of nice folk in a similar situation?? - share the woes and share the good stuff too..

      Gbell seems you have got a good return on a small investment of time.. shame the gorcers got your goosegogs though!! I would have loved them!!


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        well there are tons and i cant even give them away, so youre welcome to them!

        there were more crafters than "normals" at this even so maybe thats why it was ok