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Craft Shops in the South East?

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  • Craft Shops in the South East?

    Ok, this is a long shot but i though i would try anyway as i know there are a few shop owners on here

    I am looking for a craft shop(that i hope will become my local) that is in or near London. Ideally i don't really want to spend much more than an hour travelling (but an hour on a train can get me quite far!!)

    I know there is Blade Rubber Stamps - but i am not really looking for stamps and there is a HobbyCraft in Greenford but that takes me about 1.30hours and they are great for browsing but not if you are after something specific plus they can be over priced!

    I am sure i saw someone here had a shop in Crawley but can't for the life of me remember who!!

    So if anyone has or knows of a good craft shop in London/Kent or Surrey that i don't have to drive to be able to get there (Train/Tube and my feet are all i have!) please, please let me know!! You would make my Saturday (especially if it has Nestabilities, ribbons and lots of card!!)

    Crossing my fingers now!!

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    I don't think there's many craft shops in London at all. I think there are some in the Billericay, Hornchurch. Rayleigh areas of South Essex but I have no idea if that's easy to get to from where you are
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      Have you tired the 'Glitter Pot' in Scaynes Hill and they do nestabilites, lovely bright shop and easy to move around, also Crafts U love in Charlwood


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        Sadly after a couple of phone calls and some investigation, both Glitterpot and Crafts U Love were just too far from the station to even attempt without a car

        However, i have manage to locate a great shop called Craft Genie in Chessington North (30mins from Clapham Junction by Train) that's a few doors down from the station which i am going to try. Thought i would just mention it here too in case there were any other people in London/Surrey looking for somewhere! They are online too so i can see what's there before going!



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          I did go to a lovely little beadshop in soho area recently.

          would you be able to get to Reading? There is a Hobby Craft v near the train station - I totally understand what you're saying but thought was worth mentioning and it is quite a big one I think.

          There is a little one I go to at Holme Grange in Wokingham - small town but they do have a train station and would be a bit of a walk to the place but I think it owuld be 'doo-able'. It's really quite tiny but packed full of stuff - loads of outline stickers, some beautiful papers and a few other bits and pieces. There is a website for Holme Grange.

          I'm always on the look out in this area so anyone else with any ideas please shout! I know you can get loads online but there's nothing like seeing it all the 'flesh' and having a good old rumage!

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            Originally posted by craftsensations View Post

            I'm always on the look out in this area so anyone else with any ideas please shout! I know you can get loads online but there's nothing like seeing it all the 'flesh' and having a good old rumage!
            Craft shops are so much better - though far worse on the wallet!!

            Reading isn't too bad to get to as i can get a fast train from Richmond or Clapham but I really am quite Anti Hobbycraft - I remember looking at a Cuttlebug there once for example- £98.00!! Thats just silly!! Plus i always think it's nice to support the individually owned shops or they will shut

            Will look into the one in Wokingham

            There is also "The Art of Craft" in Farnborough which i don't think is too far from Reading or London (1 hour from London i think) by train and it's walking distance from the station- they are my second choice to try next time if there isn't too much choice at the Chessington one.



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              Forgot about Art of Craft you would need North Camp Station link of the map here.


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                There is Art and Craft Stationers in Coulsdon - not hugely far from Coulsdon South station. A small shop but packed full of stuff.
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