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Whats your latest craft buy?

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  • Whats your latest craft buy?

    What tools or materials have you bought lately and are itching to use? I bought some fabrics from South Korea and the USA, I am totally in love with the little moo cows - have a look at my album for some piccies.
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    apart from my normal wholesale order for the essentials my last order was for bamboo tiles
    can't wait to sit down with them soon as i have a free afternoon
    the fabric sounds lovely off to have a look
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      I haven't bought them yet as am waiting for tomorrow when my budget can start again but i am itching to buy some Spellbinder Nestabilities.

      Am hoping they may have them in Hobbycraft so i can get them saturday otherwise will have to order them online and that involves waiting!!



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        Hematite rings.... how boring! But I've almost run out and have loads of ideas to use them!
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          I bought a big shed for my back garden which I have been turning into my new workshop over the past couple of weeks.

          I've finally managed to move all my stuff into it, lay the flooring, fill all the gaps with expanding insulating foam, and decorate the walls with inspirational images.... Now I can't wait to get in there and start making new work!!

          I've got this afternoon off work so guess where I'll be and what I'll be doing?


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            Three pieces of glass and some replacement wheels for my cutters!

            Sounds boring I know but to me essential!
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              Very boring white and coloured card


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                Epoxy resin and some moulds. I am itching to get playing with it, but I have to make up some watches and jewellery for the fair I am doing on Saturday so I can't play until next week

                I still need to buy some measuring cups, gloves and goggles so that is preventing me (purposly as I know what I am like )...

                jan x



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                  I'm all about the swarovski crystals at the mo! And pearls. Have just done a wedding bracelets comission and now am making braclets and necklace for myself. It's for my OH's surprise party I'm doing - it's a winter wonderland theme and I want to sparkle as much as the decorations!!

                  Only thing is, it was an online order and now I'm waiting for them to arrive...grr this is the thing I hate about online shopping!!!!

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                    letter stamps! dying to have a go with em


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                      Haven't bought any new crafty things for ages, I think the last I bought was some A4 card lol... hardly exciting!!


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                        ...6 rolls of sticky dots from qvc! very dull (and too expensive) but I can't live without them!