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re-registering a craft robo

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  • re-registering a craft robo

    Hi all,

    I just bought a second hand craft robo from a friend and duly installed the software blue disk first.
    after installing the red disk it tells me i need to register it. the numbers are already filled in for me, I input all my details and it tells me it has already been registered and will not let me proceed. I tried again with the previous owners details with the same result.

    What else can/should I try. I really want to use this but it just sits and glares at me, please help.

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    Have you tried taking the discs out, getting rid of the registering page and just trying to use the robo? I got mine second hand and didnt have to register it?


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      I have tried with the disks in, out and after a reboot. all with the same result.
      Can you use craft robo without the graphtec software?


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        What software is it? You need robomaster OR design master, you dont really need both, so if it is one of these you have to register then just use the other one.

        You can also use inkscape (a free programme) to do some designing in.

        Have you found the craft robo forum? is great for robo help, it is owned by graphtec


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          Hi Claireybear,

          Many thanks for all your help,
          My wife has registered there, between us i think we have sort of worked it out. I will be back if it all goes pearshaped.