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Free advertising offer from Google

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  • Free advertising offer from Google

    Anybody else just recieved a free offer of this

    Grow your business with Google Analytics & AdWords:

    I am always wary of anything that pertains to be 'free' as it invariably has a catch in it somewhere so if anyone knows anything positive about it I'd be interested to know

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    i got that email cynicism sat up and took notice. Like you, I'm always wary of the free word too

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      Yep, I'vejust received a coupon from google.

      We had one before and used it.

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        Got it too!

        Like Jane, I've had and used before - it's all fine!

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          I had one too, my daughter says they use adwords very effectively at work, I tried to set it up but it got stuck!! will give it another go!


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            Had a look at it and my only hesitation after reading some of the OK's that you guys have posted is that I have to register as a business and I am still dithering on that one. I know that technically I am probably classed as one but as I am still basically a hobbyist I am hesitant of getting into all the paraphanalia of registering and th paperwork that goes with it.

            "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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              I haven't seen this email, but I signed up for the web anyltics (not being too sure what it was at first) through my etsy shop.
              You log in with your email account and it tracks who looks on your webage, how long they stay, what they look at and where they are on the map. It's quite interesting...
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                i use google analytics and it's brilliant!
                as for adwords, i was given a coupon when i bought my site but never used it...


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                  I got one of these, probably a couple of years ago, and used it. It was a free 30 days on google adwords. The only problem was that you had to opt out after the 30 days. I didn't, and I'm still doing it. Like most advertising, it's not easy to know if it brings you any trade, or how much, but it is well targeted to what people are searching for, especially if you choose your keywords carefully.
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                    Analytics is great - highly recommend it (and it really is free).

                    Adwords, of course, is not free - but if you have a discount voucher, you could have a go and use it to experiment.

                    There are two types of adwords account - pay "by bill" or "pre pay" - I'd recommend the latter, as there is then less urgency in cancelling it (and if you run out of credit, your adverts will stop - rather than still costing you cash).

                    You'll need to pay a small fee to set up a prepay account; I think its £5 at the moment, and might have to put £10 in as a basic topup to make it work too. But if you have e.g. a £40 voucher (as we had recently), that means you get £50 of credit for £15 - which is pretty good!

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