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  • What have you made today?

    I think it may be a encouaraging to say what we have made each day.
    As Ive be a major goody 2 shoes today I shalol say what Ive made.

    1. a necklace
    2. another necklace
    3. sorted out a horrid soldering dilemma(ive found if I dont solder for a while I forget all the tips I discovered whilst working on them previously)and use black patina for the first time ever.
    4. decorated a pendant.

    Now im going to add headpins to beads.

    Hoorah.Craft is truly theraputic.

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    1. an order for chemicals
    2. a lot of mess with water washing lab equipment
    3. a solution of 2M KOH

    In the craft line have started my grid for my quilling.
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      Nothing I am at work! :-(
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        Originally posted by raspberrybloom View Post
        Nothing I am at work! :-(
        Me too!!

        I can add just this minute arranging accomodation in Glasgow for 2 colleagues to my list of achievements just to proove I am at work.

        Oh, did half a charm bracelet too.

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          .............................I took the dog out.


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            I made 3 more of my wooden quilt ruler holders. I cut them out, outside in an unheated garage, and ended up freezing. Good job moh lets me varnish them indoors, where it is a lot warmer.



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              I started today by making the supper...bunged every thing into the slow cooker.
              I then made: 20 leather thong necklaces, 30 cards, a vaalentine hanging banner consisting of 60 strung hearts, some polymer clay canes, lunch, 25 pairs of earrings....
              can't you tell it's the market tomorrow!
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                Nothing ive been at work but i like doing my craftey bits weekends.


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                  I have been at work too, got stuck on the bus for an hour and a half and then walked the dog. Its half term this coming week though and I have the week off so its craft making time! Plan on making more mirrors as those craft fairs are looming. Plus I am going to try my hand at making fused glass pendents and earrings! I love trying new things so am really looking forward to it!
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                    I Have Made......

                    ........much mess!

                    I'll have to clean up tomorrow before I can start to sew or cut out apron pieces.

                    On the plus side, I've sorted out three new enquiries for the craft fair. Found more free advertising online, and handed out some posters for shops to display whilst I was in town. I've also bought #2 son a new winter coat from Rohan, for the princely sum of £8. Now I just have to force him to actually wear a coat.......

                    And finally supper.....chili con carne, jacket potatoes & sweetcorn fritters for eight!

                    Starving now.....!

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                      Oh dear...

                      I have finished designing papers for my new Cd and prepared all the images ready for my techie OH to make the CD work over the weekend. I have also prepared all the images for a trade sample Cd to be created ready for the exhibition. No pressure on Ian my OH I just need everything by the end of the weekend! He's not my friend for leaving everything so late
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                        Oh dear Funkyhand - get him into shape!!!
                        I put another couple of things onto Etsy, finished my prototype chicken (he's way too big, his beak is wrong and his cockscomb is in the wrong place but Anya still wants it!!) and I'm just off to make more envelopes. Thats the crafty stuff but everything else would fill up the whole forum so I'll leave it at that!
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                          I second that miss apples dinner made me very hungry.


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                            Today, I have mostly.....

                            ......tidied up - sort of.

                            Then I made mint choc chip muffins and banana choc chip muffins. Then, when they're baked you need to sample them, with a coffee. Great work avoidance tactics.......

                            Although, as we're doing the catering at the Fair, I was working really. The Mint Double Choc Chip ones were the best! They'll sell well at the fair.

                            Going to bore the brains out of people with the Spring Fair.....sorry!

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                              You wont bore me i love going to craft fairs ect ,our local church make fresh bread and cakes i spend all my money on that stall.