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How to get wood burns out of Furniture (Tip)

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  • How to get wood burns out of Furniture (Tip)

    Hey everyone, i dont know if this is the correct place but will fire away..
    If anyone has burn marks / stains from hot cups or plates on their tables this is one really good way to get them out. I am sending this because it worked for me.. so might be good to tell everyone, and some may already know but. if you have a steam iron or small steamer you can steam the mark out.... put a light cloth over the stain then put the steam iron on top of the cloth producing steam, keep moving the iron over the area, within no time the stain will be gone. I used the steamer for my dining room table.. simple point the steam in the direction of the stain a few inches back and you will notice the stain will start to go... use a towel to dry up... keep steaming till the burn mark or stain has gone. this works. :-)
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