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  • thinking of having a change

    i am in the process of doing my business cards and leaflets to do a big postal drop on all of leek. the thing is i use to have a butter fly either side of my name and now i have seen this on vits print i like it. i have to change my board out side the shop anyway because i feel it don't look right and i was wondering if this design is nicer then the orginal. i am also getting a labelling machine and i can make my labels look alittle bit more professional as i have alady intrested in wholesale of me.please let me know all feedback welcome( but be warned the waxing pot is heating up lol)

    new one

    shop sign
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    I like the new one a lot more. It is more sophisticated and introduces your business better. I assumed the shop was a food shop ( dont know why really) but the new stuff is more specific.


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      Hi there

      I do like them both your shop sign is very eyecatching, but I do agree with soap queen, the new one tells you exactly what you are selling and the fact you are not just limited to selling in your shops you offer hotels too. really like the colour scheme too. You could still use the butterfly in your advertising or when your label your goods as people may associate the butterfly with your name(just so you dont lose that attachment with your goods)

      Hope this helps



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        I also like the new one better.

        Is it your own logo, or one the printers have designed? If it's the latter, remember they own the copyright to it. If they are doing the shop sign for you too, that won't be a problem.
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          Sorry when I first glanced at the top design I thought it was for fudge. Maybe a pic of bottled and packaged products with a butterfly on them to keep the link would be clearer.
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            Originally posted by goldy1 View Post
            Sorry when I first glanced at the top design I thought it was for fudge. Maybe a pic of bottled and packaged products with a butterfly on them to keep the link would be clearer.

            lol i thought you meant Fudge my dog


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              I like the new one a lot better, it's a much more sophisticated style and says quality to me. Looking at your shop sign I would not really have much idea of what sort of shop it was.
              I see what Goldy means, the soap does look a bit like fudge - if you are feeling peckish, but it definitely looks more like you sell soap than the butterflies.
              A picture of your dog fudge would be great, but you would get all sorts of strange requests.
              Would it be possible to get a couple of vinyl stickers of your soap pictures to stick over the butterflies on your sign? rather than having to pay for a new sign.



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                I like the new one best, I think it presents you and your products in a much more sophisticated light if that makes sense. The soap does look a bit like fudge actually lol
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                  is R Kelly your established name? it automatically makes me think of the mid 90's rapper R Kelly ! Maybe its just me though...
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                    I definitely agree that the new design is way nicer - very styling and contemporary.
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                      ok, I'm going to stick my neck out here and say I prefer the butterflies ( i'm biased though i like butterflies )

                      the soap on the card does look like fudge to me as well
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                        yep I definately agree with others, the new design is much nicer and looks more professional. Maybe you could have a picture or some wording on the shop sign, to say what 'natural' product is a first glance, i wasnt sure what it was you were all about!

                        My OH is a designer so if you want any help, PM me & I could send you his details.


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                          I agree that I also wouldnt know what type of shop it was, your card explains it well and I didnt think of fudge!

                          maybe your sign could say - R Kelly and underneath Natural beauty products?


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                            Your new business card is classy, I like it but I think you would have to simplify it a lot to use it as a shop sign. I also agree that "R.Kelly" in todays climate could look a bit stark, why not use both your names in full to soften it. We are never called Mr or Mrs or less Miss, its definately a forename era. Just my thoughts - what do I know.
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