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Wicker Baskets......Where Can I Buy Them?

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  • Wicker Baskets......Where Can I Buy Them?

    Does anyone know where I can buy wicker shopping baskets fairly cheaply? I've looked on eBay and there isn't very much choice right now (I know it could all be different next week....) and postage is steep. I

    'm going to try our plethora of charity shops today, if I can brave the freezing cold.

    I did a nice line in lined shopping baskets last year, and would like to put some on my stall at the craft fair in May.

    Thanks Muchly!

    Apple Tree Crafts

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    I was going to say charity shops or jumbles sales etc. I can't think of anywhere that would sell them - sorry.
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      Wilkos, Dunelm Mill, Ikea...have seen them in each of these, in various shapes and sizes.
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        ....I've seen oodles of storage baskets in Wilkos, Ikea etc, but it's shopping baskets I'm after.

        Nothing in our local charity shops this morning (rats!) and our basketware shop's cheapest offering was £19 (ouch....)

        Ok...eBay it is then.....just have to keep watching.

        Thanks all

        Apple Tree Crafts


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          We have a really good shop in town called Kitchen N Things that sells loads of baskets and i'm sure I've seen wicker shopping baskets in there.

          Obviously Newmarket is a tad too far but i know they sell on ebay too, same user name as the shop - it could be worth contacting them to ask if they have any that you can buy that aren't listed.

          Worth a look as the shop is pretty cheap - I bought most of my wicker stuff there
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