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ever had one of those days

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  • ever had one of those days

    it started yesterday when I got home and my monitor wouldn't work
    obviously I'm not addicted to my computer and could manage perfectly well without it yeah right !!
    then got in from work today and had to pop out to deliver a card order , went to set the house alarm and it wouldn't work properly !!
    ended up having to reset that !!
    although I've got 101 things to do ( probably 102 lol ) as we're having a card party on Sunday I decided to treat myself to half an hour in front of the t.v
    sat down with my lunch to find that our stupid telewest box was playing up so ended up rebooting that
    then lifted my daughters mattress up to put her valence sheet underneath and knocked her magnetic board off the wall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    finally got upstairs to make some cards
    the top 2 are for an order
    the bottom 2 are for the card party
    what a day lol

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    At least you managed to create some really elegant designs after such a frustrating day... I think I would have given up on even the mere thought of crafting after all that and just sat down with a glass of wine to chill!

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      you have more patience than me, i'd have spent all day bashing the monitor about.
      lovely cards and fingers crossed for your card party
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        luckily hubby got my monitor working again but guess what our phone line has just gone dead
        someone up there doesn't like me today


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          Sounds like a normal day for me

          I get months like that.

          lovely cards by the way


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            I think I would have had to just go back to bed and hop it was all a bad dream!!
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              oh yes and forgot to mention my car radio is nearly dead as well thanks to my heavy handed son bless him
              it just gets better and better doesn't it lol


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                What's that saying - it never rains but it pours!!! Well done you for being able to produce some absolutely lovely cards after all that trouble! I agree with Wood Tattoos, I would not have even attempted anything crafty with all the other things going on! Knowing my luck I would have cut my finger off or somethin similar!!!!!

                Hope things improve for you tomorrow!
                Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                  well either me or hubby is losing the plot !! got a horrible feeling it might be me
                  reset the house alarm and reset the security number ,I went out to be a taxi to my lovely darling children ! and he left to go to work but before he left I got a frantic phone call asking if I'd changed the pin number as the alarm wasn't working
                  I got in a panic thinking great its all gone wrong again only to get in myself and set it up straight away
                  so either I've set it to the completely wrong number or hubby is losing the plot and has got the number wrong
                  I sooooooooo hope its not me thats going do lally lol