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I want to design my own website - help please!

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  • I want to design my own website - help please!

    I have always been quite handy on the computer and web design is something that has interested me but I've never really got further than being interested, except to have a little dabble with dreamweaver which scared me right off!

    I would really like to have a go at doing my own website with a view to possible starting up selling crafty stuff (so it would need a shop facility), but I have very strong ideas of how I want it so I want to be able to do it all myself.

    I am not keen on using something like Mr Site because I do actually like learning new computery things so I want to learn to do it properly! Just not with dreamweaver - I just couldnt make head not tail of how it fitted together onnce you had designed a page, and definitely didnt have a clue how to upload the website - and I had about a hundred books from the library which were supposed to tell me how to do it!

    Has anyone done their own site and could suggest a slightly easier programme, or knows of a good website/book that might help?


    C x

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    hi i cant give you any help on designing a website with code are the like i use doyourownsite and just design the graphics myself though you can add code and stuff to your pages and they are continually thinking up new stuff fabulous used to have a mrsite and absolutely hated it so doyourownsite was next best thing so easy to do loads of things on there i pay 5.95 a month for it and for me it is definitely worth it oooh and they're customer service is great actually get a really person replying

    I use xara xtreme pro for my website graphics and still learning lots of things they do a website maker one which might be worth you checking out you can download a demo from their site

    hope i have helped some


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      I am on DYOS and very happy with it! It was my first ever website project and I found it helpful enough to overcome my lack of web skills and free enough to 'do my own thing'
      Oh and well priced too! They have a 30 day free trial so no pressure to commit straightaway or risk losing any work you do. HTH xx
      Terry xxx
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        I found microsoft frontpage really straightforward to use when I did my website - no html, no confusing layouts etc. It's just hyperlinked between the pages. I'd never used it before and just randomly tried things till I got the hang of it!

        One of the best things about it is the ease of changing the pages. If you want to update it (which I do on mine fairly regularly) you can just change the text, click upload and you're sorted!

        The downside is I don't know of a shop facility...but you could look into it. I would recommend it!
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          A year ago, we were in the same position as you. Looked at Mr Site - good, but like you, we wanted total control over how it appeared. So I went out and bought "Sam's Teach yourself HTML and CSS", taught myself HTML & CSS and built the site myself.

          Its not to hard to do, its worth learning HTML - I find it useful to be able to use it to adjust my blogger blog - and, ultimately, you may find it simpler and less frustrating than using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) program like Dreamweaver. You can add a shopping facility easily by using Pay Pal. Have a look at our webiste to see what you think:

          If you do decide to do it yourself, I'd be happy for you to PM me for any further help.

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            oooh i like your website very nice


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              Oooh thank-you all of you, very helpful. And you all have lovely websites, so all of those options are obviously good ones!

              Im not sure what to do now. Im wondering whether I should try DYOS as there is a free trial, and if it doesnt do everything I want then look into doing it completely by myself. I do know a bit of html, but definitely not enough to do a whole website at the moment!


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                I can recommend heart internet for what I think you seem to be looking for:

                My handpainted gift site is with them, but still in its infancy (only just published).

                I found it a bit fiddly at first, but I have learnt so so much - and still learning. Their helpdesk is open 24/7 (by email) and they respond in under 5 mins (even on bank hol!!). They have patiently explained stuff to me, even when I obviously wasn't getting it, even offered to do it for me (but I wanted to know how to do it). Some of their techies are better at explaining than others, but I think that's just life.

                The webpages can be designed in html or wysiwyg, and you can just click from one to the other, which does help you understand the code. They have a lot of add-ons free, domain names are cheap if you don't want their hosting as well.

                I am really pleased with how it's going up to now, and it's a great half-way point between easy and on your own.

                The other thing is that I started my blog, which belongs to the website domain name-wise, first. I blogged about doing up our new house at first, just to get a bit of history, really, as well as for friends and family to look at, did no promotion at all, but found it was being listed quite high in Google for certain keywords - only found out when I was found by someone else with the term unique gifts in their URL.

                My art site is with - probably not what you are looking for, but may suit someone else - very easy to set up, listed by Google before the 2-week trial was up, they do loads of promotion, even list your stuff on their site too, and I had PR of 2 very quickly, which I believe is really good for a small site. For me, it was a great first site. It has a lot of limitations though, but that's probably why it's easy. Help is prompt via email, always the same person answering up to now.

                There seems to be so much to choose from, and it's hard to know if what you pick is going to be right for you.

                Good luck!
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                  This isn't a build-your-own-website thing but I have a piece of software that works like a desk top publisher that is absolutely brilliant. Once you've built the site you upload it to any host you choose (this gives you the option of changing the host in the future without losing your site and having to rebuild).

                  It's called WebCreator (go for the Pro version) and is by a French (I think) company called LM Soft.

                  If you have some DTP skills you'll find it easy to get the hang of and there are some different templates to get you started.


                  Costs about £80 for the latest version.

                  I tried Dreamweaver and Frontpage and bought loads of books but just could not get my head around it all - whereas I found this software so easy to use

                  Have a look at my sites and see what you think and if you have any questions just message me...


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