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cutting machine advice please.

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  • cutting machine advice please.

    Im thinking of getting a die cutting machine, im just not sure which is the best, id love the craft robo but its a little pricey at the minute i think, so can anyone suggest a less expensive one?
    Ive heard of the cuttlebug and the sizzix (hot shot) or something just dont know much about them. Sorry im useless lol
    Thankyou in advance
    * Julie *

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    I can't help, but I'd be interested to see what people think.

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      I know i hope people do answer to my thread, im desperate to buy one just want advice on which one, its my birthday on the 3rd so hubby is buying which ever one for me. x
      * Julie *

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        we've got a big shot and absolutely love it lol
        what sort of thing do you want to know
        any questions and I'll try to answer them


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          Hi Julie
          I can only speak on behalf of the cuttlebug cause thats the one I have, yes they are very good you can run your die cuts through them and get really great can also use embossing plates too which give a lovely effect.

          The only down side is they dont cut through felt or really thick card/material I think its "the Big Shot" that can go through these, but if you are looking for a basic die cut machine the cuttlebug fits the bill, it fits on a shelf nicely so is practical for storage too.

          You can use other die cuts from other companies too through the machine so you dont have to limit yourself to buying the cuttlebug brand. I have spent a small fortune on the sizzix website, they often have up to 75% and in Jan they had 90% off !!! which helps when you went to buy a variety of dies. But you do tend to spend more in my case anyway as I have some dies that i havent used yet.......I bought them for the sake of be warned (lol)

          I think i would now like to invest in the big shot as it does has the benefit of cutting through felt etc but will still use the cuttlebug as its great for card making embellishments

          Hope this helps and good luck with which ever one you decide to buy....dont forget to post us a picture of your makes!




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            I'd recommend ...

            I got a Cricut machine a couple of years ago and I'm delighted with it.

            Okay so it's not cheap (I was lucky enough to have a generous husband and a birthday too!), but when you think how many Sizzix or Cuttlebug dies you would have to buy to do what one Cricut cartridge can then it starts to look more cost effective.

            I guess it depends how much you want to use die cuts in your crafting. If the answer is only occasionally then have you considered renting a machine for a weekend or finding someone who'll cut for you. I know my local craft shop will cut shapes if you buy the paper from them, and lots of e-bayers do it.

            Of course, then hubby will need to think of another pressie idea

            Whichever one you go for, hope you enjoy your new toy!
            Regards, Carol



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              For just starting off, you can't really go wrong with the Big Shot. The variety of dies that are available are great and you can also use any of the other companies dies, embossing folders etc in it too. Think the big advantage of the BS is that with the Originals & BIgz dies you can cut through really thick materials that you can't with the others.
              I love mine and can't imagaine crafting without it now. There's always 2nd hand dies for sale on ebay at really good prices so you don't need to be spending a fortune on new dies.

              I'm saving for one of the bigger machines now and swithering between the Craft Robo and the Cricut Expressions and think I'm swaying towards the Cricut atm, it's the price of the cartridges that is putting me a bit though.
              Lots of people can't seem to get to grips with the CR as it's more comlicated to use then the Crucut.
              Still doing my research on them both as it's a lot of money to pay out to find I've chosen the wrong one.

              If you want any more help/advice about the BS just let me know.