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feeling sorry for myself!! boohoo!

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  • feeling sorry for myself!! boohoo!

    It's my first day back from spending two fabby weeks with my hubby and little one with my Mom in Spain and I've bought the most horrible sore throat and annoying cough back with me. I drove everyone on the plane mad yesterday, cough, cough, coughing!!! and now I feel all feverish and very depressed by all the washing I've got to do!! Still I should be at work, but my boss insisted I stay at home and get better (bless her), so things could be worse. Just thought I'd share that with anyone who's interested, better than sharing my germs!!!

    'If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain sometimes'

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    Sorry you are feeling poorly - hope you feel better soon. x


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      Swine Flu! No, not really... it's home-itis, isn't it? I get that too....
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        Well on a positive note - you have probably given all 360 people on the plane your cold - they have each passed it on to countless others - so you have started your own epidemic!!

        Why worry about the washing?

        With our weather forecast for the next few days, you will not need the clothes you were wearing in Spain anyway

        Tuck yourself under the duvet with a bar of chocolate - you'll soon feel better.

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          Thanks all!!

          I really shouldn't have joked about having to stay in Spain because of swine flu before went! that'll teach me... off to bed now with my industrial strength cough mixture!!!

          'If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain sometimes'


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            A good sleep will do you good

            And be sure to wipe the keyboard with some anti-bacterial stuff! Apparently it's a major passer-on of germs!
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              oh dear, hope you feel better soon and hope that it isn't anything really nasty!! All joking aside, if the fever gets worse you should contact your GP (from home!)

              Hopefully, some cough mixture and a rest will do the trick!
              Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                Ive had the sore throat and cough thing, so dont worry, you didnt start it.Many a time did I cough my guts up at work last week.
                Hope you get better soon.


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                  Thank you again for the lovely comments.

                  I have now been ordered to bed with my jumbo sized super strength cough mixture and laptop to rest by my hubby! and also my boss (for once I will do as I am told I can't take both them on in my weak state).

                  I think I may be being a little over dramatic now about my 'illness'!

                  'If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain sometimes'



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                    Hope you're feeling better soon.

                    Helena xx


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                      I'm sorry to hear your not well Helen, I agree with Jane though, bed and chocolate!

                      Get well soon.

                      Kim xx