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  • eyelet help

    I am wanting to put eyelets into ribbon so have bought an eyelet thingy with eyelets but have no idea how to use it it looks very simple but have tried different ways but nothing seems to work. Please help thanks

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    Which kind have you got?

    The one like a scissor/pliers looking hole punch? With that one the back of the eyelet goes in the top denty bit on one side and the front of the eyelet goes on the other side, the material goes in between, and then you press everything together.

    Or have you got the one with a solid cylinder/anvil thingy? You put the back of the eyelet in the denty top of that, then the material, then balance the top of the eyelet on top of that and hit with a hammer.

    Did I say make a hole in the material first?

    Best of luck


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      I tried this too, couldn't work it at all, and bought a cropadile instead!!!!
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        Didn't you get instructions on the packet?


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          I have the first one you describe but all the eyelet bits are identical and I didnt think this was right ???
          the packet had no instructions


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            Whoa....that's weird. There is usually a back and a front and one fits inside eachother and the tool either folds the edge of one over the other, or crimps them together or just jams one inside the other.
            Can you go back to the shop and see if the other sets are like yours? You might have a packet of half the eyelets missing.
            Or probably a daft suggestion (except yesterday my husband managed to find a utube video on how to cotton a hurdy gurdy string - how esoteric is that?) - try googling how to insert eyelets..........?


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              i kind ov thought it wouldnt be right that they were all the same. I did try googling and it just talked about the different tools thanks anyway