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Ebay helped needed....again

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  • Ebay helped needed....again

    I've been selling some of the discontinued items from my shop for a few weeks now and thought I was getting the hang of things...but then made a boo-boo.

    I've got multiples of some items but have been listed only one each of these at a time. Once one auction finishes I've been using the 'sell similar item' to save time when listing them again - all hunkydory so far. BUT tonight I got myself a bit confused and on some of the candle making and mosiac listings I used 'relist this item' my mistake - will this cause problems as I thought you can only relist if it doesn't sell or the buyer doesn't pay (which wasn't the case)

    Hoping one of you ebay experts will be able to help...I'll probably finally get the hang of it when I've sold everything
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    relist is fine as long as the items are identical, the only thing you have to watch with using the relist is the end time of the auction...sometimes the time span between the first auction and the relist can mean the relist could finish at 3am or some other ungodly hour,lol

    make sense ?
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      As Becky said there is no problem at all for a relist, I would always use that for the free relist, then after that use sell similar and then go back to relist if that doesn't sell 3rd time round! Hope that made sense!!




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        The other advantage with relisting is that if someone is watching your item but doesnt get round to buying it (possibly depends on account settings) they get an email saying you've relisted it which may give them the nudge they need to come back and buy it.

        Relisting is just a quicker way of what you're doing, and perfectly legit.

        There are also options either on ebay or through auctiva to autorelist, if this makes it easier.

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          Thank you all, that's put my mind at rest - thought ebay was going to assume the buyer of the original listing hadn't paid and things would get messy. Interesting to hear that by using relist for items where I had watchers they'll get notified that it's back on again.

          Thanks again
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