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  • Tablecloth

    I have noticed at other craft fairs that exhibitors cover their tables with a tablecloth. I am doing some fairs in March and wondered where I could get a tablecloth big enough to cover a 6ft table to the floor (so I can keep my stock underneath, as there won't be enough room for it all on the table)?
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    Hi there

    A quick and easy solution is a flat sheet for a double bed - that's what I use
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      or you could but some fabric off the roll to the length you require.

      i'm doing a fair and am going to use curtains to go on my table with a cream rug on top!
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        I use bed sheets to cover the table (got a pair from a local charity shop for £1.99!) and put a more fancy cloth over the top.

        The sheets can go down to the ground at the front of the table and are long enough to stretch the full length, then the fancy cloth over the top (usually turn it 90 degrees on so a point reaches the ground at the front).



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          I use crushed velvet, it is cheap, washes and dries in a flash and most important to me it doesn't EVER need to be ironed

          I bought about 5 meters ( I think) to cover my table, basically the width of the fabric goes from the back of the table to the floor at the front then I bought enough meters to go over the length of my table and touch the ground either side.