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Mrsite and paypal - integration problems

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  • Mrsite and paypal - integration problems

    Help - I'm about ready to scream. After numerous calls to paypal and an email to mrsite, I'm none the wiser.

    I have mrsite pro. My website is set up and ready to go. I have a few products on there but noone can buy anything because whenever they click on pay with paypal, or pay via credit card, it takes them to a page that says invalid vendor account.

    I figure this is something to do with the information I've inputted in my mrsite account (paypal information). But I'm not sure what I'm supposed to input? Is the username my email address, is it the business name? What's the merchant/vendor account.

    Having rung paypal twice, I got two different answers. One told me that it was impossible to link the two and if the site was asking for a username then it must be something to do with ebay. the other told me I needed to set request code for a buy now button for each product on the site.

    Mrsite have yet to get back to me after over 24 hours.

    I can't ring technical support because I work during the day and I doubt that I'd get through on a lunch time.

    If you've experienced problems like this can you help me?

    My website is


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    All you need to enter is the email address your paypal account uses. It sounds like perhaps you haven't set up this account, or upgraded it to accept card payments?


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      Thanks George - I'm using website payments standard. I've been informed that I don't need to upgrade to Pro in order to accept payments on the website. It sounds like I have the correct set up in mrsite. I feel a bit helpless.


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        yes u need to put your paypal email address on every page you create. i have problems whith paypal and mr site. so now i have signed up with cardsave/streamline to do it for me. (with them for the shop). have to pay for people to use but not botherded at lease people will be able to order without hassle


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          Hi, I have Mr Site, linked to my paypal account (I also have a shop on ebay). The username I had to input into Mr Site was the e-mail address I have registered on the paypal account (I've just been through to check). I didn't have to do anything from the paypal end and it all seems to be working fine. I don't know if that's any help?

          BTW, did you know there's also a organising craft fairs in the Yorkshire area?


          If beads were still currency, I'd be a millionaire!


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            Hi, yep I am aware of Unfortunately it seems we both had the name idea at the same time. Two different business models though, they organise craft fairs where we are about promoting contemporary craft from new UK designer (mainly new graduates). We've been in contact with each other and have agreed to help each other out. So all is well.



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              There is something else you have to do - I'm not with Mr Site anymore, so will try and remember. When you set up your shop on Mr Site Pro, at the bottom of the set up page, where the postage options are, I think there is a bit of small print about something you have to set up on paypal.

              I can't remember exactly, but I found the answer on the Mr Site Forum.

              Good luck sorting it out