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  • nows the time

    am just updating my order book for our birthday reminder service so now is a perfect time to join up if you're interested
    heres how it works
    you give us your list of important dates that you need card for throughout the year and about 3 weeks before hand we will make a card for you without sticking anything down
    we send you a photo and anything that needs changing can be done so quickly and easily until together we have created the perfect card,
    once you're 100 % happy and you've paid ( £1.25 a card plus postage ) then we will send it to you in plenty of time for the special day.
    if its easier for you we can send it direct to the recipient and if you can't manage a years worth of dates in one go then just do it month by month once the year is up we'll have all your dates ready for the next year and you won't have to worry about forgetting any birthdays etc again.
    you are free to cancel at anytime

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    What an excellent idea. I am hopeless at remembering birthdays. I'm thinking about it.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      if you just want a months trial then go for it !! see how you get on , what you think etc