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Does anyone advertise with a facebook page?

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  • Does anyone advertise with a facebook page?

    Hiya, I just wondered if anyone does this to show their bits off (I mean crafts lol)? I was thinking about doing this as I've seen that some big companies do it. I'm part of notonthehighstreet and they have a page. I'm on facebook as a person but I'm not really that into it but my sisters and hubby are glued to it!

    Any feedback/experience would be ace.

    Lucy xx

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    I have created a Facebook business section, linked to my own Facebook page. I've put some pics of my mosaics on it and invited friends to join. It's a good way of getting free advertising, as if your friends become fans, their friends may see the link and have a look too.

    I also used Facebook Ads for a short period of time and started a thread on it:

    I got $100 worth of free credit by joining a visa group on facebook (if you look at the thread this is mentioned) so I just set it up so I just used this credit. I found I got quite a bit of traffic through Facebook Ads - 13.5% in the space of about 3 weeks. I haven't got my ad at the moment as I would need to pay for it, but I would consider it again at some stage.

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      Originally posted by lucykempjewellery View Post
      Hiya, I just wondered if anyone does this to show their bits off (I mean crafts lol)?
      That made me chuckle!

      I use a Facebook Group but its mostly friends, family and people on here that are part of it. I still think its a good thing to have.


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        I have a fb business page, but only 6 members at the moment. It's okay, and I do update it with happenings and suchlike, but I can't say it's done me a lot of good...

        but then I probably should get more 'out there' in the land of fb and the web, and I might make more of an impression. Might keep tabs on this thread, just to see if any interesting links pop up.
        Rach x

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          The ads bit with visa sounds interesting, I think I'll look up about that! I suppose a page is something worth trying. Would be interesting to hear what others say.


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            I have a business page where peole join as fans. Don't have many fans yet but I am plugging it at craft fairs, website and on my personal page as well. It dosen't take long to set up, it's free and there's nothing to lose but a bit of time.
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