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    Have you ever had an really brilliant idea but never found the space to do it? If so, you might be interested in this project…
    My name’s Ellie Price and I work for a small company in London called Ruby Pseudo Consulting, who specialize in youth research for various brands, charities and organisations.

    The reason I am posting this is because we’re currently working on a project for a charity involving research into young people aged between 16-24 years old from across the UK but outside of London. The aim of the research is to understand the difficulties young adults face when trying to... set up a business, start an arts and crafts club, or even just finding a place to rehearse with their band!
    At the moment we’re recruiting participants for a blogging project. You’ll be given tasks to follow up and get paid £100 to do it. Plus there are finders fee’s if you put us in touch with someone who could help us out...
    Email me on [email protected] if you’re interested or know anyone who you’d like to recommend for this project.