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  • Windy weather

    Well want a day got blown to and from work trees down traffic ground to a halt hope you all got trough it and no damage done.

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    NO damage thankfully but as I was driving to work i saw a load of trees that had been blown down all cut up.

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      Big branch flew into my window yesterday afternoon - no damage but it scared me a bit! Pushchair got blown over on the way up to nursery but Tara was ok. Two workmen stood and watched me struggle to get it upright though - I was very tempted to 'bump' into them with the pushchair on the way back down - I was good though! It's not as windy today here but it's colder - brrrrr.
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        spent yesterday morning cursing at the computer and ringing my provider to complain that I kept loosing the BBand connection. They said there was nothing wrong at their end. I just put it down to the wind!!!
        Then I was having a cuppa with my DH sitting at the table when down the back of the garden there was an almighty display of fireworks. The electricity wwires were sparking and banging and going absolutly mad and then BANG! no electricity at all. The nice people at the electricity depot said they'd send someone out. That all happened about 1pm and then at about 7pm last night the vans turn up on the lane and start hacking all the tree's to bits. They did turn a tiny bit of electric on which was enough to power half a light bulb so it was candle power. I was very narked because I had been looking forward to waterloo rd. It was very very cold (as the boiler ignition is powered by electricity) .and that set Eden's asthma off. So she was coughing dreadfully all night. The power came back on at about three this morning. How do we know? well every house alarm in the area came on, any electric applience that had been left on blasted out and woke the whole of the village up!
        Makes you apprieciate electric power and central heating!
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