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  • soldering iron

    im looking to buy a soldering iron for jewellery and there is a bewildering aray on ebay

    is there something specific i should be looking for?

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    Are you sure you want a soldering iron and not a torch? I bought a little variable temp soldering iron from Maplin which is great (and was quite cheap too)... but not sure I'm qualified to give advice!
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      yes i need both but i want the iron for something specific


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        from a general perspective, get one that has a decent stand.. they tend to be light weight, and although pics often show them resting on the handle, the cable is stiff and inflexible, and often they wont lay like that safely..

        Also a stand can be useful if you need two hands to hold fiddly items for soldering!

        The cheaper ones often come with a fixed tip too, but My dad's old one can be replaced.. and also had a variety of fine medium tips, plus a flat plate for working with plastics etc.


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          I bought mine (£80)from a site called creativeglassguild.They sell all kind of soldering stuff, like patina, sponge, heat mat,etc.They are very helpful.
          Id go for one that has a head that is detachable.Its handy to have different sizes depending on what your soldering.
          As previously said a stand is very handy.
          Iwas soldering lightweight things so instead of purchasing any kind of clamp I got a kitchen sponge/scourer and sliced a slit into it, which held the thing I was working on quite snuggly, not sure if thatl work for whatever your doing but thought Id pass it on anyway.

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            i don't know a lot about this but was in TK Maxx today and they had a basic one for £7.99 ..... thought at the time it was ok for a 'lets have a go and see if it's worth while buying a good one ' sort of price
            while i knit i think




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              My husband bought me this for my birthday


              Have yet to get round to using it but it has all the different tips with it and - my fave bit - 'arms' with clips on the end to hold jewellery or whatever while you solder it. Decent price and decent make too.

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                that looks good, what do you do with the grippers though!!!!!!