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  • Split level desk

    I have an old breakfast table(wood, 3ftx2ftsize,sturdy)but Ive seen a split level table in a local supermarket.
    I didnt pay much attention to dimensions which could be an issue but I thought the idea of having 2 levels to put things on(as i can get very disorganised and have lots of things on the table at once) would be useful.

    Do any of you have a split level desk/table, and do you see any advantages to it?

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    I have a desk that has a freestanding bookcase on it - its great to have another space to put things but it just means you've got more space to tidy!!
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      My neighbours....

      ......are throwing out a pine desk. It's in their back garden, been out all week in the rain. And I soooooo want to ask them if I can have it, strip it and paint it flat white. It would look great in my workroom.

      Trouble is, I don't like the neighbours, their psycho son is a pain and we've had to call the police several times........
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        I once saw bits of an old rocking horse piled up on a heap of rubbish in my neighbours garden. We'd hardly ever spoken, but the moment I saw it I swallowed my pride and ran round to ask them if I could take the pieces.
        I was just in time! that afternoon they put the rest of the rubbish into the car and took it to the tip.
        The horse was in appauling condition. Some bits were missing and the paint job was putrid. There were wood lice nesting in one of the legs.
        It took me six weeks to repair and sort it. .... Just intime for Eden's first Christmas.
        It's funny though, I'd always felt that one day I would find a rocking horse in a skip.

        And that's an idea for a new thread!
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          Seriously thought about sending the daughter round to ask...she's shameless and wouldn't care. Actually, I should learn from

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            Go for it... if you don't ask, you don't get....
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