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  • I'ev become a blogger!

    Hi everyone,

    As a fairly new member on here I have been busy reading through all the fab and interesting posts that are left and I have been inspired by the many blogs that I have found as a result.

    I've always fancied having a blog, but never took the plunge.....until now! I officially started blogging last night and wanted to show off my work, its all really new to me, so any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Its not going to be entirely craft based as you'll see, but that will probably be the main focus.....please take a peek and let me know what you think!

    Ok - now I'm showing off my new status here....I can't post a URL yet!! My blog is wedgieswonderfulworld and its on blogspot!

    Big thank you in advance for any feedback!
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    Ok - now I'm showing off my new status here....I can't post a URL yet!! My blog is wedgieswonderfulworld and its on blogspot!
    Hi Rachel,

    Congrats on your new blog! I have started to build one . . but haven't yet finished tinkering with the layout and wotnot! Time just seems to run away from me at the moment!

    You should be able to add your blog url address as a part of your signature via the User Control Panel so it's there all the time

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      Oh thanks for the tip Gloria - I have just noticed that people have other things in their signatures! I'm so impulsive I just tend to do things without looking properly first!!

      Blog -


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        Congratulations on joining blogland, hope you don't mind but I am now a follower


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          to blogland - I am following your blog and on twitter too - it's always good to know you are talking to someone and not just cyberspace
          Terry xxx
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            Hi Wedgie I have recently started blogging. I am trying not to woffle on. I seem to be talking about home life more than crafting. Your blog looks great to me. I am following you also Aviya if thats ok.


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              I'm now a follower too!

              You may like to take a look at this website;

              You can download free backgrounds to spice up your blog appearence. It's very easy to do and they give instructions to follow anyway.


              ~ Rachael
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                me too

                You have inspired me to have ago a blogging after reading your post. Ive set up the first bit but need to write and add pictures before l go public with my address. i will be following yours in the mean time.


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                  Okay, it appears that a BLOG is something entirely diff from what I used to do on my old website - which was just posting occasional comments. Evidently blogging is now something pretty involved, like building a website. My, my. I just want to be able to make comments to visitors to my site - more information for them. So, I guess that there may be some confusion when I tell my husband I need to be able to blog - and he gets all irritated...he's my tech guy and does my website for me. I tell him what I want (I even draw pictures - how low/non tech is that!!??) and he makes it that way or as close to it as possible. Somewhat against his will at you know what I do? I bake him some cinnamon raisin bread! Someone mentioned making bread - it's a good thing to know how to do!! I can't make bread and chevre at the same time, though. The yeast in the air from the bread making makes the cheese taste a little off. You can make bread and beer in the same vicinity but not cheese. Just FYI for anyone who might be interested!

                  Okay, so I went to your blog and it looks great to, blogging is kind of like a public journal??


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                    l've managed to add some content to my blog and hopefully the blog address has been added to my signature.
                    The picture l have used as a profile picture is of some place settings l made for a dinner party(l don't take a good photo)


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                      I've not been blogging too long either
                      I'm following you too
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                        I only started blogging last month, I'm so glad I started, but its addictive!!!

                        I've just added a post on my blog today.

                        Have a look round at other blogs to get inspiration on what to write about


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                          I never really have the time to catch up on blogs, but I do try, lol.
                          Rach x

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                            I'm new too

                            I'm new to blogging too. I have just started to get into it. It is difficult to keep up to date but I love to go to the blog sites that do weekly challenges for cards and link to mine when I enter one. It gives you something to work towards, like a deadline if you like. I am only following three at the miniute but I habe linked to one blog and she as some on their for everyday of the week.

                            Cheers Lisa
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                              I'm following you as well

                              I've not had my blog very long and it has been sadly neglected , like everything else, lately but I love my blog , trouble is I need a full day just to read all the blogs I want too,lol
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