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ink stamp and embossing questions

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  • ink stamp and embossing questions

    Hi, me again

    Could anybody tell me what is the slowest drying clear ink pad please.

    An, I have been doing some embossing, but then i want to clear emboss over the original embossing but the original seems to melt(obviously due to too much heat from the gun)I have tried covering the original embossing with pva which kind of helps but do you think its just a question of not holding the gun too close when doing the clear layers?I dont have the patience to experiment but guess Im going to have to,just wondered if anybody had experienced the same.

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    can't help with the embossing question as the only time I've tried more than one layer is a tile with UTEE. As for the ink, the slowest I know of is Versamark watermark, I use this in my stampin around wheel then chalk over, I can wheel quite a large area and chalk and don't have proble with it drying too soon.
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      I usually use Anita's 3D gloss which doesn't distort the stamped image and you can get quite a deep layer with just one application


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        I use Ink It Up! Clear for most of my embossing, and it works fine.. However, I'm missing the relevance of slow drying in regard to multi layer embossing...??

        I think the "melting" issue is not going to go away.. if the heat is too low it wont melt the clear powder... and if it melts the clear powder, the previously embossed image is going to melt again too..

        I would also suggest one of the glossy accents products to "spot varnish" the embossed work if you want a high gloss finish over an embossed motif.. Be patient though, the one I used was VERY slow drying.. you apply a milky liquid which dries clear and quite rigid.. very nice for spot highlighting especially on a matt finish paper or card..

        NB: I would make sure the paper or card is colourfast, and any ink you intend to gloss over too!! the glossy accent is wet when you apply it!


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          I would have to say versa mark my self, gives a good image when you stamp and is really sticky to hold the ep, you can also get a re inker to re fill the pad and a pen which you can use to touch up any bits you miss or for doing sentiments, although if you get a pen you may need a reinker they can dry out quite quickly, but are really easy to refill.

          and would also suggest glossy accents to clear varnish over the top instead of embossing again in clear, it dries really quick too.


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            Hi Seahorse

            Have to agree with the versamark watermark ink pad suggestion - best I've come across.

            What are you doing exactly for the need to clear emboss over another embossed image? If you're just going over the outline of the first image then I'm with the others re the glossy accents liquid. If you're stamping a different image over the first then that's stumped me slightly...although I do have a possible make-do solution if you need it.
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