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Did you order a pattern at Sewing for Pleasure NEC?

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  • Did you order a pattern at Sewing for Pleasure NEC?

    My daughter ordered a sewing pattern at the Sewing for Pleasure Show at the NEC last month from the Pattern Central area, and it has still not arrived, despite them saying it would take 1 week approx.!
    Did anyone else order a pattern and has it arrived? She filled out the order form and paid her money, but unfortunately I did not think to take a spare order form that would have contact details on, so I have no way of knowing who to contact!

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    Hi there,

    Have you tried the ICHF website (sorry cant post link).
    If you go on their website and then contact us, their is a email address, they maybe able to help.

    Hope this helps and you get your pattern soon.


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      Many thanks for your reply - I have sent an email to the company as you suggested, so we'll just wait now and see if we hear anything!


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        Well, wouldn't you know it arrived yesterday!! If only I had waited a few more days - I blame impatient teenage daughter for asking, once the week had passed, would her pattern ever arrive!