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someones using my name!!

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  • someones using my name!!

    someone else is using my name. They make different things and are in America not UK but not too happy about it.

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    Sorry to say this, but there is nothing at all to stop them.
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      B*gger! That really sucks.
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        yeah i know they can do it lkegally but you think morally they would have seen i exist and chosen something else. I think they're stuff is not that great anyway so hope potentialk customers dont thhink they are me. Drink will help me calm down.


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          what do they make? If they are in the US then people shouldn't mix you up.
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            A common problem, when we were Ltd. the company name was Silverline. There must be 100s of companies in the UK nevermind worldwide that used that name, but if they didnt work in the same sector there was nothing we could do.
            The upside is that if they do any advertising you could benefit


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              Have they got the .com domain in your name and you have the
              Shouldn't really cause a problem unless it looks like they are trading off of your reputation.
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                There was a case a few years ago, McDonalds took a little tea room in Scotland to court for calling their tea room McDonalds - the owners of the tea room had the surname McDonald.

                Common sense prevailed and the burger chain lost - he he

                Good advice to get as many domain endings as possible ie .com, , .biz etc. If the other company gets really big you can sell them that domain

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                  Don't stress. Life's too short. It's not set in stone either. Like the tides, it ebbs and flows. There's room for both of you and nobody lasts forever. You build up your fan base and let them do what they will. There's an awful lot of water between you. If it's the web page rankings that worry you, as a customer I always only search for UK listings. Your customers will find you. You'll hear them sayinging "I don't want the rubbishy Spagbol. I want the quality one."
                  Chin up, and face the world with a smile.

                  Mind you, G&T's don't come amiss. Hmmmm drink to forget? No No. Mustn't advise that!


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                    It does happen and America is Huge !


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                      I pay extra every year and own the .com and the versions of my site (I just do a re-direct from the to the .com)
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                        Yes, in the old days, I did that but don't you think it's spinnning out of the little people's control now? There's .eu, .biz, (Ha ha this one got blitzed for being rude - ) dot see en, .be, .me, .net, .info. It's doolally (or paranoid) buying all them.
                        I just sit back and laugh at the greedy toe rags who buy up endings to my names in the hope I'll pay loadsamoney to buy it off them. I'm hoping they are wasting a lot of money.
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