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  • Relatives!!!!!

    Got my first craft fair of this year next Saturday, talking to my sister today who said yet again that there was no point taking anything expensive as people were looking for a bargain (this comes from someone who has just bought an imac and back up mini for her main mac etc). she said it was better to sell that not, I explained that I work out my costing precisely and I did not agree to sell something for nothing as what was the point of going, plus yet again it undervalues what I am doing.

    Why does she do this it always seems that she thinks everything I do is too expensive. My BIL collared me one day and said he had been doing market research on my behalf and the product line (in this case cards that took an hour to make) were too expensive at £4.00. Am thinking maybe jealously is a part of this. I know I should ignore it but it is hard to do when it is constant. I am trying to earn a living here not doing this for pin money.

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    I don't know why they're doing it, but it's not helping and it's not accurate either. Stick to your guns, your work is lovely and the cafetiere cover you did for me, I thought was a fantastic price for something so well made. I don't agree that people go to a craft fair for a bargain, they go to buy handcrafted, beautifully made goods and that's what they'll get with you. Like you say, you've worked out your costings and you're not in this to give stuff away or make a loss - what's the point in that!

    Have a great day at your fair, sell loads & prove them wrong!

    All the best

    Jan x
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      Perhaps it is jealousy that you have your own business. I tend to find that most people who critisise are usually people who would love to be in your shoes. Try to let it ride over you & good luck with the fair!


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        Often those who critisise simply do not understand the words "craft" or "handmade" They do not see the art skill and value of our work. They are more likely to put value into cheap knock off gucci bags etc. I don't think in a million years you can change them.

        I remember standing on a farmers market once and hearing comments about how "you could buy a card at the card factory for a pound" and that "they didn't look handmade!" The woman went on to say how embarrassed they'd be to hand a handmade card to anyone. "it would make me look very cheap!"
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          A lot of people still haven't grasped that "handmade" is better than factory-bought! It shows love, thought and effort on the part of the person who made it and those who buy/commission such work! Your sister would probably be really offended if you bought her a 'bargain' birthday present rather than making something!

          Good luck at the fair!
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            I totally agreee with all the comments here. I remember the dilemma I used to have when pricing my first pieces but at the end of the day what you make is unique and exclusive to you and should be priced accordingly.
            In my experience if people really like your work and they can't get it elsewhere they will be willing to pay.
            Stick to your guns!!!!

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              Your stuff is beautiful and well worth your prices.
              Don't let your sister get to you, she just doesn't understand the value of hand-crafted items.
              I was saying to my family that a lot of people had under-priced their jewellery and it was stopping the rest of us getting a fair price.
              BIL then piped up that if they wanted to sell at cost price it was fine and anyone who charged more (ie. Me) was ripping people off !!! He didn't seem to understand that if his boss only charged cost price he would be out of a job.

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                Oh dear - try and ignore them. I know it is not easy with family. Apart from anything else there are going to be people looking for both sides of the price range and if you only took low priced things you would miss out on the people looking for something special that only you can provide them with and they are happy to pay for that quality and care. Hope you have a really successful fair.


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                  I think what people are looking for is good value rather then cheap & this is where most crafters are in a great position as we often under value our work. I have found recently I am still selling higher value necklaces but less lower price earrings.

                  Crafters can never win on price, we are not branches of Primark, but we can offer fantastic value on a unique piece of work.



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                    I agree with all the others!

                    Last year I had tiptop make all my family cards and each one personalised to them and totally unique!

                    Each and every person I gave one to loved it and recognised why it was unique to them. None of them have thrown them away and my youngests daughter said her family one's were so great she was going to frame them!

                    Although I have not had hand made cards this year I would still not hesitate to have them again as I love the idea nobody else will have one anywhere near like it.

                    The reason I did'nt have any this year was I gave tiptop so much information about each person that I cant think of anything else

                    Your work is wonderful and for people who don't craft, I'm sorry but they talk out of their armpit as they truly dont understand the work and time involved!

                    One of my friends husband's was trying to give me advice on how to make my toppers by saying why dont i make up a load of arms, legs and heads to 'store' away and then just plonk them on each figurine!!! ha!!! stoopid person.. lol

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                      Your sister and brother-in-law have no right to interfere in your life that way. Surely, if you wanted their advice and assistance you would ask for it? Ask them if they would take a job that pays 20p an hour or less!

                      Not everyone in this world has their cheap values, some people really do want high quality, hand made, good value items. I would rather not buy cheap (and nasty) if it doesn't match the quality I am expecting.

                      Do your best to ignore them and listen to your fellow crafters on the forum and at the craft fairs.



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                        Well said!!! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
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                          Thank you all so much for your show of support, you are all right and I should hold my head high knowing that what I do is made with love and a little bit of me, as all our work holds. As said if people want to buy they will if not, hey ho. I don't know what I would do without this forum for advice and support, as only crafters truly appreciate the work involved.


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                            I find many people try to give advice, some good, some totally ridiculous and some against our ethos.

                            I just smile sweetly and say, "that is interesting I'll research it"

                            They leave happy, I research the idea if it seems plausible.

                            I find some people think soap is soap and that as Tesco can sell 4 bars for £1, I must be a millionaire selling a bar at £3? I wish

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                              maybe you could offer her advice on where she is going wrong in her job too!

                              Some people just do not understand hand made at all.

                              if you are doing well and selling anyway,then just ignore it, after all this is your speciality not theirs

                              I was bouncing ideas off friends the other day, asking opinions about what they'd pay for certain hand made jewellery etc and one said "cant you do a cheapo version"!! So i said yes probably if i shipped in a load of children from India and put them to work in my allotment shed for 2p a day. She just didnt get it at all, seems there are a lot of people who just want as cheap as possible and dont give a toss where it came from.

                              Another thing is i like buying hand made jewellery, by husband thinks im truly nuts and is bewildered by it, as he keeps saying but you could make that...but i am happy to buy something when i know someone has put heart and soul into it.