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Are there many printmakers on here?

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  • Are there many printmakers on here?

    Hi. I am still new to this forum but getting to feel my way about. One thing that I haven't found is a group for printmakers - this may be because I've simply missed it, or perhaps there isn't one. If so - am guessing that I'm not the only printmaker on here but would love to hear from any others?

    As an aside - even if you're not a printmaker, do you see many on the craft fair circuit? I exhibit in galleries (on which note, heard today of being selected for another group exhibition at the R.B.S.A. ) but am getting ready for the craft scene with some smaller linocuts and drypoints - am I going to be on my own out there? Is that good? Or will I just stick out like a sore whatsit?

    The craft side of my art portfolio will bear the name InkyPrints-Originals and I also wondered if I need to register this name anywhere (sorry am digressing and overloading this thread lol)?

    I'll stop rambling and see if any printmakers show up .

    Cheers, Fi (portfolio page)

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    I cant wait to see your work, it all sounds fascinating


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      Thanks - I have to sort out a website soon, but I didn't want to rush it. I have no idea how to upload pics on this site but will work it out eventually. In the meantime :my avatar is a 3 colour reduction linocut self-portrait and my profile pic is a detail of an semi-abstract drypoint - but they are so small that it is hard to see much I admit!

      I hope there are some other printmakers out there but am sticking with it even if not lol.

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