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  • Crafts Beautiful ??

    I have just been asked to feature in an editorial for crafts beautiful magazine, but they would like me to send some products for them to photo.

    Is this normal? Does any one know the magazine?

    They want to feature me in the kids section, I am flattered but a little worried as surely people reading the mag will be crafters and therefore able to copy my designs rather than buy them as it were, or am I just being silly?

    Any thoughts?

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    It's an awkawrd one.
    At the end of the day be assured that Crafts Beautiful is a legit magazine that quite a few of us on here have adc=vertised with etc.

    I've also had products featured and it is a perfectly normal thing to send them in to the magazine. Sometimes they send them back other times they don't.

    At the end of the day by having your product featured, you my get some sales.
    Yes you may get your idea copied.

    Personally I'd go for it. It's publicity and recognition of your skills.
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      I agree with BBD, Crafts Beautiful is definitely legit and I've had things featured in there too which has resulted in a number of sales (although I appreciate your concern as I'm selling the materials not the end products). You can always ask them to send the items back to you after they've photographed them - I've done this occasionally and they've always been happy to. Also remember Crafts Beautiful covers all kinds of crafts so for example a card maker reading it wouldn't copy but might be tempted to buy your products.
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        Well done on getting asked to feature!
        Anywhere you have your items on display website/ fair /forum etc you run the risk of being copied - as per the example of the couture designs landing up in TopShop but I think the benefits outweigh the potential risks as you are being recognised, huge publicity and potential sales.
        All the best which ever decision you make!
        Terry xxx
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          Well done for being noticed - Crafts Beautiful has been running for many years, I can't remember when it first came on the market but it was more than 10 years ago.
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            Great publicity, even if a handful of people do copy your designs, it'll still result in increased interest and sales for you. I'd go for it.

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              Thanks for your replies!!

              I have asked a few more questions and they will send the item straight back, now I just need to go and design something as they are hoping for a girls summer piece!!!

              I have gone from scepitc to excited thanks to you all! LOL I'm so fickle!!!!!




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                Well done, brilliant news! I've heard of House Beautiful, is Crafts Beautiful part of the same company do you think? If so, that's been around for years too, a great magazine...I'll have to keep my eye out for CB now
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