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  • What inspires you?

    I'm interested to see what other people are inspired and influenced by. When making your craft objects, are you thinking of anything in particular which has made you decide to make the item you are working on? How do you link your inspiration with your hand made craft?

    I thought this might be a nice topic to share

    I've just blogged about what inspires me here:

    Join in!!

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    I find inspiration everywhere (although no where at the moment!).
    I do love colour combinations found in nature and particularly the weather! I have an amazing view from my window by my desk so watching the weather rolling in does play a big part in my colour schemes.
    I also suffer from bad vertigo and rock fear so you photos on your blog were very scary for me!!!!!


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      It varies from day to day. Today I looked out of the back window and thought "What a lovely morning, I could sit in my shed with the door open and sew" so I did. I made a cushion cover with the remainder of Ancient Aunts left over tapestry wool woven in the centre panel. I will post a pic when (and if) I finish it.
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        I'm more inspired by the materials I have than the world around me. I play around with different colour/texture combos until something clicks. I do love colour though, so I guess I get that inspiration from what's around me.

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          All kinds of things - the weather, things I see in shops or on the tv, other people's ideas..

          good idea for a thread

          I have started following your blog!

          Nice rock pics!

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            I find nature very inspiring - although you would never guess to look at some of the artificial colours I use!

            It's hard to explain how I mean, because I don't make jewellery in natural shades or using natural materials, but a good walk outside gets my creative mind going and I can come back bursting with ideas

            I also love looking at any mags / books / websites about hot rods, americana, rockabilly, lowbrow culture, rock n roll etc, as I love that era & culture so make quite a few pieces that reflect that, although they seem to sell as fast as I can make them so they're never on my site for people to see which in some ways is great (that they sell quickly), but it's also a shame as I would like to show more of that style than my more 'mainstream' pieces, but they can take a while to source the beads for and then make, so I tend to mainly do them to order.

            Anyway, I'm off on a ramble again so I'll shut up now.

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              Usually these days its my travels that inspire me. I've quilled lemurs after seeing them in the wild, Russian dolls after being to St Petes and also a world map. I would love to quill a tiger, after going to Ranthambhore NP but haven't got round to that one yet. Most quillers seem to do a lot of floral stuff and after 20 years + of quilling flowers get a bit boring and my flower arragning ability still leaves a lot to be desired, so I like to get as much variety in as possible. My friends are also an inspiration as I have done them some quilled pictures for their birthdays (a dragon and a highland cow). Going to the quilling guild AGM is helpful to get some inspiration too, as sometimes someone will do something that you never even thought of and that can then open a whole new can of worms and too many more ideas!
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                Interesting thread - although I'm sure inspiration is varied and varying for all of us, I do see common aspects to a lot of my work. As a printmaker I work mostly in two very different techniques and I find that my work has divided itself naturally between them:

                In my drypoints/intaglio work I find myself exploring the more universal themes of life and existence, perhaps with a focus on origins, lifelines, life journeys - these take an abstract form and make complete sense to me but what they mean to someone else is up to them.

                In my linocuts I enjoy taking a snapshot figurative approach - I love the stylised look of linocut and this quality seems to break down the personal barriers somewat so that what might once have been a snapshot from my life (a scene from a beach, at the window, a person I've met, flowers I've loved, grown etc etc) it becomes something more familiar andcommon to us all.

                I agree though that there are so many things influencing us all the time that inspiration can come from almost anything, anywhere and anytime. Love it.

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                  My customers inspire me.

                  Getting a lovely email from them, or customers asking if we ever use xyz essential oils.

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                    Love the pictures on your blog, but wouldnt want to be there, think it would be a bit scary for me too!

                    To be perfectly honest, I have read this thread and sat and thought and I have absolutely no idea where I get my inspiration from!

                    I buy a lot of vintage pottery and bone china and I go to a glass shop for the stained glass and usually buy both media with nothing in mind (like the millefiori beads I have just bought). Then I will look at a base I have cut and think right, what would look good on that.

                    On the other hand, I will design a shape suitable for mosaicing (eg a lighthouse) and then pick my media to go on it.

                    As to where the inspiration comes from for the initial design shapes, I really have no idea (I think I must dream them!)
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                      I usually buy loads of beads I like then I got them all in front of me. then I just pick one and start creating a new piece... It takes sometimes so long time to be satisfied with the colours etc. So I don't really have a special thing that gives me inspiration.


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                        Anything and everything!

                        For sewing, films always inspire me.
                        For jewellery, recently two prints hanging in my living room spurred me on.

                        I also write novels so music influences me and I love taking photos, so anything goes there!


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                          its usually a bead or peice of silver that inspires me, but i love natures shapes and colours, I quite often have something in my boxes for a year a more before i get the thoughts of what to make

                          I saw your blog last night, loved the pics


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                            Some interesting inspirations!

                            I was surprised at how many of us are inspired by nature, natural things and the weather.


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                              Im the same as Jennex.

                              I just go to my local bead shop select the beads that i think are nice/eye catching and only when i sit down at home i think.. now what shall i do... some times its hard and takes a while to come to me tho
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