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    My tiaras are with a hairdresser in the next county. The hairdresser called me the other day and asked if she could use my tiaras in a photo shoot. She got my name form the organiser of a wedding event in that county. We will be in the same room along with a photographer and a lingerie company. She will be able to help me by showing brides how the tiaras will look on their hair that day.
    She is getting new leaflets done and wants to add some photos to her website of models whose hair she has styled for weddings. So not only will it be advertising her salon it will also show my tiaras. I think she said she would say on the website who supplied the tiaras....I will clarify that on Monday evening when she returns them. I gave her my most popular tiaras....I called them My Top I will post a link to the website when she has it all sorted out
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    Wow ...well done you!

    Make sure you do get a name check should really get one on any literature they produce as well ...especially if you've provided them free of charge as 'props' to make their photo's look better!

    Hope you get loads of sales out of it!

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      sounds great as long as she appreciates that her hair styles would not look as good without your tiaras

      remember she needs you, dont let her think she is doing you a favour, let her think you are doing her the favour
      as you are
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        That's fantastic, well done.

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          Fantastic news!
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