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    I've just signed up to google adsense for my blog, which i thought would be a good idea for advertising my online shops and other websites. It also told me i would get "paid" from the amount of clicks that these links to sites on my blog get, if they meet the required threshold, so i thought this couldnt be bad. After accepting everything and then previewing my blog, there are a big list of google ads down the side of my blog!! (silly me for not reading the T&C's though)... but do any bloggers know if you can get rid of these? I've seen some peoples' blogs that have logos displayed down the side which link to other sites i.e. their etsy shop, but no spammy google ads, and it looks nice. At the moment mine just looks a mess now!

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    Not sure about this one Mr Media may know. It could be that you have to have these ads displayed and the only way to remove would be to opt out. Sorry you could PM Mr Media for his help.


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      I think you can just switch it off in the settings?

      If you are using blogger, the 'widget' which you probably want is called something like 'my links'

      Possibly the 'settings' bit where you can remove adsense and add this is 'edit layout' when you are in the blog editor - memory is a bit wobbly at 7am!

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        2 places to look..

        Both are in the "layout" main tab at the top..

        Then see what setting are under the last option to the right labelled "Monetise"

        Otherwise have a look "Page Elements" ...

        You can do alsorts with adsense e.g. make the size smaller.. Change the colours and Also block competitors showing up....

        Hope this helps..

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          Google adsense are not a spam...

          Google adsense are not for advertising the publicher`s web site they are used to earn money for the publicher,by puting other website`s links and advertisments on your web site...and it could earn you a lot of money if you know how...probably more than what your actual web site can make from sales.

          Google adsense are not spams..they are very legit , and monitored day by day by google...for more information juts google it.

          I hope this helps and clears some issues about google adsense.