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  • Who has a blog?

    I want to start making my own blog as I've seen some on here that are really interesting, and it has inspired me to create one!

    I'm keen to find out how many of you keep a blog, when you started it, what kind of things you post on it, and where you advertise it other than here? Is your blog just for fun or do you find that it promotes/advertises you in some way, etc?

    Also please share a link to your blog if it is not already in your signiture! I look forward to having a nose

    Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated...

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    I blog...sporadically and mostly about boring everyday stuff. I love reading other people's blogs - I find them really inspiring.

    I usually blog about what's going on in life - crafty or non crafty. I do feel that I don't put enough pretty stuff on there or enough about my business so I am trying to focus on that a bit more.

    The main reason I started mine was because I wanted to track the significant developments in my crafty career so in years to come I could look back over it and see how far I'd come. Hopefully!

    You should definitely get blogging! I think it's really nice to show people and your customers the person behind the business. It's what differentiates us from the faceless corporate empires out there.

    Good luck!

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      I started my blog as I was doing an online photography course and the person running it asked us to set up a blog as a way to submit our work. I've carried on using it to show my fave pics I take and the cards I've made, sometimes just as for fun and sometimes for entries to challenges.

      As I've now started as an SU demo I am going to be using it more to promote my business.

      Can't post a link to it yet as I haven't made enough posts but will popping it into my sigi line when I can.
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        Yes! Start a blog.. I love blogging and I love looking at other peoples blogs, its really interesting and there are lots of lovely bloggers about! Its great fun...

        Its really easy to start up to just go to and create...literally within minutes you can create your first post!

        Hope this helps...have fun in blogland


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          I blog & I love it, spend far too much time on it too! But I think it's a good way to get your name out there & like Helen I'm a Stampin' Up! Demo & it's a good way to show off the stamps & hopefully generate some interest. I also love entering the challenges, it gets me crafting & you never know I might even win a prize one day!

          Helen - if you take a peek at my blog (link in my sig) and follow me or leave a comment then I can find your blog and follow you back
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            I blog too...but not every day. I mostly blog when I have something new to show or when I feel like chatting to nobody in particular! I don't put personal stuff on there though as I like my privacy, and I've 'met' some really nice people!
            Gail x

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              Originally posted by Autumn Faerie View Post
              Helen - if you take a peek at my blog (link in my sig) and follow me or leave a comment then I can find your blog and follow you back
              Jan, I've 'followed you'

              Forgot to add in my original reply, you should start a blog, it's really easy and only takes 5 mins to set up and updating and personalising is so strait forward.
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                I agree, it's really easy to start up a blog, and as you look at others you'll find lots of ways of adding things to it, gadgets I mean.
                It does become addictive though! I started my blog to promote my website, but I think the time I spend on it and other people's, probably undoes the benefits. It's good fun though, especially if you work from home. It can be quite isolating.
                I'm posting more often at the moment, but I don't get the chance to take as many photos as I'd like - I think a blog with a lot of pictures is much more appealing.
                Once you've got your blog up and running, I'm sure we'll all visit.
                Good luck
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                  I don't blog yet but I reckon I might start once my book manuscript has been completed and submitted... it will be my way of coping with the writing withdrawal I'll get! I'll then use my blog to re-focus my attention on my crafting, as well as documenting the countdown to the big day when I become a published author (something I've dreamt of since I was little!)

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                    I have a blog and have been blogging for some time, mainly once a week with Show and Tell Monday. This encourages me to do something not always making but it helps with the profile etc.


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                      yep I blog here

                      I started just over a year ago and I find it adds a level of reflectiveness to my time in the workshop. Mine is a mix of work projects and info about my campaigning to promote traditional heritage crafts.


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                        Yes I Blog, it is wonderful, I love it, it's really addictive! I started mine around November last year and post a couple of times a week. Since starting mine I have now got 46 followers and although some of these are bloggers I already knew, over half are new found blog friends who have found me through networking with other blogs.

                        Blogging is a great way to network and I find if you spend a bit of time each week visiting new blogs and leaving comments on these blogs, the owners will reciprocate and before you know it you'll start to get followers and new interest in your art/work.

                        Apart from blog networking, I advertise my blog on my website and facebook and all other communities and groups I belong too. I also have it printed on my business cards and any stationery I produce.

                        So I would say, go for it, it's free and you've got nothing to loose.


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                          I started my blog in January so it hasn't been going that long. I write about all sorts of things including what I make, about my llamas, my cats and my GSD puppy.

                          I try to update it at least once a week if not more and it is a wonderful place to just think about what you've been doing or not doing as the case may be.

                          I advertise my blog in my signature on the forums I belong to and it's on my business cards. But I do need to think of ways of advertising it more widely. I do get pathetically excited when I see I've got some comments on my posts. It is really addictive.

                          I don't think it has brought me any business as yet but who knows maybe one day. But it is a great way to see what is going on in the world on a more personal and and indivdual level.
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                            My blog is here: - although it isn't very crafty, it occasionally goes on about food.

                            Woefully underupdated at present, as things are so busy (also explains my quietness here of late)!

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                              I write two blogs one for Silver Clay Enthusiasts (hints, tips & tutorials) and one Murano Silver blog, daily musings, How To's & show n' tells
                              They're both in my signature

                              Nic x
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