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Should I put my prices up?

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  • Should I put my prices up?

    There are loads of knitting patterns on etsy that sell really well for nearly double the amount of mine and for some reason I have only sold one. Do you think people dont trust me because my patterns are cheaper?
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    I really don't know the answer, but someone did tell me that I probably don't sell many of my mosaics because they are too cheap and people are unlikely to believe I make them for that price so are put off.

    If this is the case then perhaps the same applies to your patterns.

    Just had a look at the patterns on your website and at £1.00 I think that is a bit cheap, I can't buy a manufactured pattern for less than £2.00/£2.50
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      I think it's all about market forces really. Generally speaking a product will find a level to sell at, one that customers find reasonable value for money. Around that you often find that some 'retailers' will sell at a higher price because they can rely on their reputation to attract customers ...and others will 'discount' to attract the bargain hunter.

      I would suggest that customers percieve hand crafted items to be of higher quality than factory produced alternatives and therefore would expect to pay a premium price.

      I guess what I'm trying to say is might as well come in line with other people price wise and concentrate on building a reputation for quality and reliability.

      There's nothing to say that any of this will work for sure. Theory is fine ..but customer is king ...if they want to buy they will ...if they don't, they won't ...simple as that!

      Best wishes with it all!

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        we find that because we keep out prices low we are getting lots of orders and lots of return customers ,
        everyone tells us that we should put our prices up as they're too low but I'm not convinced we'd get so many orders then
        we're making a profit at the moment , people are happy so we're happy to continue the way we're going for now


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          I think it is a bit difficult to price the things that we make. People don't always appreciate the work that goes into producing them and of course there is the cost of the materials too. But on the other hand you don't want to sell yourself short.

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            Right, I have put the prices up and will see if it helps. I thought if it was cheaper people are more likely to buy as an impulse but other patterns are going for twice as much and a lot more are selling! I didnt mind selling cheap as it hasnt cost me to produce them (except time of course) but if it puts people off thats a different matter

            All the posts are very good points, I will consider them all if I look at prices again, thanks
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              I had a look at your patterns and they are cheap. I have a question about the sandwich one - would it look better if the main picture was the sandwich assembled? It would look more substantial ? Just a thought
              Chris xx
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                Gigglinggoblin, it's a mistake to think it doesn't cost you except for time. Time is money! especialy if you're running or hoping to run a business. If you don't know what you're times worth how can you put a price on anything you create?
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