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Brought from a fellow crafter?

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  • Brought from a fellow crafter?

    Have you ever purchased something from a fellow crafter? If so, what? and what did you think?

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    Ive bought a few things from fellow forum members,

    A bookmark from Sunrise
    Wood from Nader
    Hairbrush and box from Wood Tattoos
    Soap from Lomond Soap
    Pepsi is making me a fairy (can't wait for that)
    A heatpad from foxni

    All have been excellent, more so because of the dedication and hard work that goes into everything that is handcrafted. I would rather buy from a forum member than go to a shop.

    1. because I don't have to go out in the cold
    2. because I know it is handcrafted
    3. because I know it is well made
    4. because I love the forum!!!!
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      I buy masses of handcrafted stuff - both for myself and as gifts, ranging from soaps, lotions and potions to high value jewellery to cards to clothes and accessories.

      I've very rarely been disappointed - far less than I have with mass-produced stuff, and it's almost always been a much nicer buying experience.

      Big thumbs up from me.

      I do have issues with people passing off imported or hand-finished stuff as their own work though.


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        I don't buy from fellow crafter/producers.
        I trade with them

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        • #5
          I bought a fantastic glasses holder from Carolee crafts
          she made it just how I wanted it and its perfect
          much better than having them on a chain around my neck which is what I was trying to avoid lol


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            I have just bought a card for Mothers Day from Sunrise and I am sure it will be lovely!


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              I've bought a few things off people on this forum - a lovely hairbrush from woodtattoos, a pendant from Handcrafted and beads and things from Beadsbylili and beadservice - possibly more but can't remember at mo!!

              This is a great place to ensure love and quailty in the items you buy



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                I've not bought much, but I have bought lampwork beads from Beadservice, and a gorgeous crochet beret from Alice21 (fluffysstuff).

                Not disappointed, and when I get spare cash, I will purchase again... from someone, somewhere, in here lol.
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                  lots trouble is it's all too tempting to me....

                  Soaps by soapychica
                  jewellery by pennydog
                  wool flowers by Alice
                  to name a few (there is a lot more *blushes*)

                  All been great stuff and I love the fact you can't get it else where!




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                    I tend buy hand made items as gifts but I have treated myself a few times. I bought some hand made sock pigs from folksey as Christmas presents this year - they were FAB!

                    I've also bought from Autumn Fairie when I visted her at her first fair! Lovely work
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                    • #11
                      I got some candles from Candles by Lisa, and they were lovely - I've still got a couple
                      I've bought on Etsy before too. Its nice to know what you get has been carefully made by someone who loves their craft.



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                        I buy lots of handmade/handcrafted things at craft fairs as presents and also for myself and through the forum so far I have bought:

                        Memorial plaque, box and keyring from Wood Tattooes

                        Cake topper from Pauline at Wedding Treasures

                        A set of earrings and phone charm from Goldy1

                        Buttons from Peggy Crafts

                        I have ordered fabric from Autumn Rose Crafts

                        I have ordered a Unicorn mosaic from Moonbeam Mosaics

                        As far as I can think, this is all that I've ordered from Forum members so far but I'm always on the lookout for something new, and am in the process of sorting out a wedding gift order for hubby's cousin's wedding... we're getting a Wedding Postbox from xRheax

                        I much prefer to buy handmade, especially for gifts as there is so much more care and love goes into these and also the fact that whatever we want can be customised for the recipient is something that I love too.

                        I think it's brilliant to be able to support fellow crafters and if we can buy from each other then it keeps the handmade products going that bit longer... hopefully as we each buy from one another and these items are seen or given as gifts then other people will then look for some of our lovely forum members


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                          Thats really nice, I prefer handcrafter items and gifts and it is nice to support fellow crafters! I will check out what you guys have purchased any maybe start my Christmas shopping early!!! x
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                            I've bought wooden blanks from Works-in-Wood and kipper workshops, but I've realised that I haven't bought any non-wooden items from the Forum yet. I will also be doing more Forum shopping for presents this year as I would rather support a crafter than a store selling mass-produced goods.

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                              I haven't bought anything yet. I would, and there are so many tempting things I could get from everyone....
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