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    Has anyone tried to sell their crafts on Ebid? I looked on this site recently and it seems to be getting more popular. Ebay could do with a bit of honest competition!!

    Sue x

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    I have quite a bit listed on ebid.
    It's a friendly auction site where the forum will help you out loads if you have any problems. The fees aren't much either
    I have sold on there - more so than ebay although sales aren't vast.
    Ebid does seem to be picking up although still not that well known
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      I've put a couple of bits on there for a few days, but took them off again, don't quite know why? It does seem that there are more 'buy it now' sales than auction sales. I rarely see any bids.
      Gail x

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        The key to ebid is it's more a Buy it Now rather than auction site - a lot of sellers set bid price just under Buy it Now or go straight for Buy it Now
        Like any online selling place you need to put the work into it, getting actively friendly on the forums (they can at times get umm heated )
        Chris xx
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          Many thanks for all the advise. I think I will have a go at selling some cards on there. Well, maybe just one and see what happens.

          Sue x