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    I noticed on someone's (can't remember whose) signature their website, had a look, on further inspection found they used a free website builder with templates. I was massively impressed as I never knew these existed (yes ... I have my head permanently in the clouds!) I think the website was called freewebs. Can anyone recommend any others that do the same kind of thing and tell me which they find easiest to use and keep up to date.
    Thanks in advance
    Ali x

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    Hi Ali

    It would depend on the level of experience you have as to html and css. Many people on the site use MR Site, which is available in 3 options for beginners, middle and advanced. Its supposed to be very easy to use and setup. If you have a bit more experience, or are very keen to learn some html and css you can try oscommerce, prestashop, zen-cart or Magento they are opensource shopping cart software, which means you can use the software for free.

    The software can be customised to suit the look and feel you require and will offer a very high level of options, user accounts, various payment gateways etc. Zen cart and oscommerce have very big communities and a lot of support, magento and prestashop are newer and better carts in my opinion but as they are newer they have less support as the comunity is smaller but growing.

    If you spend a bit of time playing with them none of them are difficult to get your head around except magento. Quite a number of hosting packages also offer 1 click installation so you dont even have to worry about setting the database or anything else up.

    Hope this helps.


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      I use doyourownsite, it's not free but very cheap and very easy to use. The only advertising I am 'forced' to have is the DYOS logo at the bottom of the page - for the package I have.
      Some freebie sites have much more obstrusive adverts to cover for the 'free' bit. It's a personal/budget choice of course and I am not dissing free sites, they can be a great place to start.
      Terry xxx
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        Mine's a freewebs site (it's now just called 'webs') I don't have any adverts on there because I paid for my domain name. It's an ok site for just wanting a web presence, but for ecommerce I wouldn't recommend it.
        Gail x

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          Thanks very much for all your info and opinions I am looking into all my options now.
          Ali x

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