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Double sided tape

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  • Double sided tape

    I use miles of the stuff but the one I have been using recently just had the tape down the middle of the paper, and it was sooooo much easier and quicker to use!

    But it has just run out!

    Does anyone know if the double sided tape like this has a special name, or is it just luck if it is like that?! I dont know where I got it from and I havnt seen it anywhere!

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    Yup, it's called fingerlift and is a godsent isn't it, we have it on our website but I'm sure you can get it at loads of other places too
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      Good old fingerlift tape, where would we be without it, can't remember where I got mine, but most craft places should sell it.
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        Hi. Got mine at the post office for 99p a roll. Probably not the cheapest but great for an emergency buy.


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          I love fingerlift tape, saves me loads of time...
          99p Hagar, I think thats a good price,


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            Finger lift was one of our biggest sellers at Alexandra Palace. Its also known as Tissue Tape in the trade ,so i guess its finger lift tissue tape to give it its full name. Why tissue tape ? well the double sided bit with the adhesive on is adhesive coated tissue, That's what makes it easy to tear too . ooh I forgot to say , after a few chance meetings I now work for mod ed: no posting links until 25 posts selling adhesives to crafters , I never need to buy tape again lol !!!
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