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    I have just recently started to make tiaras and after making a few contacts I have a local bridal shop interested in my designs. The owner has said we'll try a few on a sale or return basis, which I'm quite happy with, but she's left the ball in my court as to the percentage she'll receive. This is where I'm a bit stuck as I have no experience of this. Has anybody on here supplied any of their goods on sale or return? And if so could you give me some pointers as to what percentage is acceptable/reasonable etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

    (I originally posted this in the jewellery section but thought may be other crafters could give some advice)

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    Hi Daydream

    Well done on having a shop interested - that's the hard bit out of the way

    I've only ever done sale or return with my cards at one shop and was quite suprised at the % they wanted as I thought it was quite low. If I remember rightly they only had about 25% of the final price.

    If I was you I'd work out how much the tiara's cost to make in materials and time and then think about how much you think the lady should charge for them in the shop - I'd say the figure you should ask for should be in the middle of those 2 amounts.

    However, saying that I don't really have a clue what the norm is
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      Thanks for your advice, Netty, I'm in discussions with the owner of the shop now so hopefully we'll come to an agreement that suits us both.


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        Congratulations on your big break!
        As far as percentages go then don't be rushed into quick descisions that you live to regret down the line!
        You need to get a contract with the shop if you are going to be doing sale or return. In the event that a shop goes bust, you neeed to be able to prove that the goods are your property and not assets of the shop.
        A contract should also outline the arrangements for being paid, storage and display of items. The contract will allow to cover all aspects professionally and in a business like manner. It is very difficult at a later date to change the ground with a shop.
        I came a cropper when I first started to supply a shop and because there was no contract about damages etc, I was left out of pocket.
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          Hi there,
          Regarding contracts, I found one similar to this on the internet which I thought seemed quite good. I took it to a local shop along with my mirrors but they refused to sign it as they said "they were not liable for any damage", I was so glad I found that out before I left my mirrors with them!
          I've since modified the contract to specify what I want back for each item rather than the minimum retail price so that leaves deciding the commission up to the shop. My new year's resolution is to get my mirrors into shops & galleries as craft fairs are not enough. Still new to all this though!

          This is an agreement between
          ________________________of________________________ _____________________________
          (the Artist)
          ________________________ of __________________________________________________ __
          (the Gallery)
          by which the Gallery confirms receipt on consignment of the following of the Artist's works:
          1. __________________________________________________ ____________________________
          2. __________________________________________________ ____________________________
          3. __________________________________________________ ____________________________
          4. __________________________________________________ ____________________________
          5. __________________________________________________ ____________________________
          6. __________________________________________________ ____________________________

          COMMISSION ________________________________

          and by which we agree:
          1. Sale. The Gallery shall offer each work for sale at no less than the minimum stated retail price.
          2. Payment. The Gallery shall send to the Artist the stated retail price of each work less the stated commission, within a reasonable time after sale.
          3. Return. The Gallery shall return all unsold items immediately upon the Artist's written request.
          4. Damages. If a work is lost, damaged or destroyed during the currency of this agreement, the Gallery shall notify the Artist immediately and shall be liable, to pay him/her the stated retail price less the stated commission.
          5. Title. The Artist shall retain all rights in and title to the works until sale, when title shall pass directly to the purchaser.
          Dated: _____________________
          Signed: _____________________ (the Artist)
          _____________________ (the Gallery Director for & on behalf of ____________________ )
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            Thanks for that contract - I'm sure it will come in useful to lots of people on here. Good luck with getting your stuff into shops!
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              Thanks everyone for your comments and advice, it's much appreciated.