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  • I'm (a)Live! New website....

    Dear All

    Well, have lurked around the Forum today, wondering if I dare mention the fact that my website has gone live! I've been playing with it for the last 3 weeks, changing my mind every day (sometimes several times) as to colours/wallpapers/fonts, etc and today I thought what the hell, and sent it live.

    If anyone does get time for a quick peek, I'd be grateful for feedback.

    I'm not happy with the photos - going to re-do them. But now it's out there, I'm going to be tinkering with it plenty more til I am happy. But I did it!!!

    I now feel like when I did my first craft fair and was sooooo nervous about any of the 'proper' crafters looking at my stuff, cos I was convinced they all knew so much more than me and would laugh and point at my attempts.....

    Not that I have an inferiority complex or anything.....


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    Looking really good, I love the colours you have chosen, I love the layout and how easy items are to find, your jewellery is gorgeous...I love the green & yellow bead bracelet (sorry you can tell I dont know much about jewellery, I think you called it a pandoria?)

    Its a great idea that you have listed all the events you are attending too.

    Lovely, well done


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      Hi Jane

      Just had a quick look at your site.
      Well done, it is clean and easy to navigate - I know how long it takes to get these sites up and running, I think most of us keep going back and have a tweak. I know I do.

      Hope it goes well

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        It is really easy to use which is what you want , has the t&c's etc.

        well done
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          its great and youve got those poppy uppy picture thingys (that is the technical name! lol)

          good look with it!


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            New website

            Your website looks great, simple & clear. I hate websites where it's not obvious where to go.

            I put my website up last August & I've just changed my home page & added more pages. Websites are one of those suck & see things, my friends & other crafters told me mine was good but very few people have bought anything from it so I am trying a little revamp. Not that I minded the praise I'd just like it accompanied by paypal transactions!

            I am also in the process of redoing my photos, I find that taking photos outside on a big piece white card works best for me.

            Good luck



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              Your website looks fantastic! Love the colour scheme and the wallpaper. I've used mr site too, it's great isn't it?!
              Well done, hope you get lots of sales from it.
              Carla x

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                Stylish, clear and easy to navigate... very nice site indeed. Well done!

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                  Thanks for all your positive comments. Still have lots more stock to list - think it would have been another month to going live if I'd have waited til I'd taken pics of everything! Heard from one of the glass artists whose beads I use who's happy for me to put a link to her website and she'll put a link to mine which I'm taking as a positive omen. Still lots more to do, more pics to take, links page to add, etc, etc .....

                  If beads were still currency, I'd be a millionaire!



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                    so many pretty things, and I love the colour scheme too.

                    Helen x

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                      this looks really, really great. it's simple, easy to use and the colour scheme isn't too hard on the eye.



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                        Your site looks lovely. It's neat not too busy, lovely colours. You should be really proud of it.

                        Well done and good luck with it.



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                          Looks good, would add some pictures to the home page and change the naming of the pages to something more meaning full as opposed to page1, page2 etc.


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                            I'm with everyone on saying it looks lovely.

                            As one of the aging population with failing eyesight who is too lazy to put my glasses on when using my computer I would like your thumbnail pictures to be bigger so I can scan through your jewellery on your 'front' page to see if their is anything I like and not have to keep clicking backwards and forward to get a better look.
                            We're having a discussion about this on another thread somewhere and so far the people who have replied prefer to scan a page of pictures quickly. When one catches their eye they are then happy to slow down and click to go for a closer look but they give up quickly if they have to do it too many times.

                            On the contact page you say you prefer emails.
                            I can see your telephone numbers but can't see a place to click to send you an email. I'm probably be being dopey but so may half your prospective customers I'd put it above the telephone numbers.

                            I know you are feeling wobbly about your website so take the above in a spirit of positive support in a been there and am still sewing up my T shirt up sort of way. View your website as an ever evolving work of art.

                            May you live long and prosper


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                              Looks good to me, the only thing I personally don't like is the watermark on your enlarged photos. If I enlarge an item it's because I want to see more of it not less.

                              Other than that I think it's really good! Well done!