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  • wet, wet, wet!

    I am still freezing now from being outside at my regular farmers market pitch. (my last before Christmas). Everything was lloking great.. no wind, no rain, sunny (but cold morning) and i had plenty of stock having spent the last two days remaking stuff.
    We all set up and I was really pleased with how great it was all looking. I stand back to back with the bacon sandwich stall and the smell was great. All my hopes were up for a really great do.
    Then out of the blue there was a splish followed by a splosh and then all hell let loose as the canopy decided to defrost and drip (well pour actually ) over everything on my stall. I was moving my jewellery away from the first drips then it would start on the other end of the stall. I yelled out and every one came running and lifed every item from my stall.
    They fetched some tables for me from the local schoiol and then dried as much as possible befor helping me to spread it all out. I had loads of boxes ruined but the jewellery wiped dry (ish!!!) and I sold tons and tons. I think every one must have felt sorry for me. I kept saying to them if you leave it out to dry when you get home it should be ok.
    Itwas my best event to date and my final formal date before christmas. I always have people popping in for something to go with this or that, but hopefully it will calm down now so that I can go and get on with my christmas shopping (i am so far behind ... only three presents to date!)
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    Oh how you bring back all those happy memories!! I really wish I could have been there to share in your delight when the first deluge hit............NOT! Oh, sympathy, ok, you poor, poor thing.................


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      When I get round to it I might only do craft fairs in the summer!
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        What a pain that everything got wet..but well done for a great sale day!
        Anice xx
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