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    I know most of you have a blog..

    I dont have one, but how important do you think it is to have one and are they useful in promoting your business? I cant seem to get the gist of it all really, apart from having no hours left in the day!

    oh and how exactly do you get one and are they free

    yours sincerely

    mrs blogclueless

    i have an etsy shop.. really need to get round to putting something in it

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    Well, right now, I'm trying everything and anything to get my name out there. Blogger, facebook, myspace, twitter.. I'm there! lol.

    With my blog I've just started, I figure any updates, posting images, information, what you're doing, what you're planning on doing... that sort of thing. *shrug* Don't really know if it'll do any good, but it's worth a shot seeing as they're free.
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      I tend to use my blog as a bit of an online diary to keep track of myself, my crafty creations, my crafty to-do lists, photos of what I've been up to... bit of everything really lol.

      I use Facebook, Wordpress blog, my website, my Facebook group thing, MISI - anything to get my name out there really.

      Time will tell how successful it all is!!


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        I've had my blog for a while now but I've only recently been taking an interest in keeping it up to date. I must say, I'm enjoying it now and making some really nice friends, even tho I feel mostly I'm talking to myself! I do tend to linger on other people's blogs for ages - they facinate me, and I love reading about their crafts and such.
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          I've only just started blogging, never thought I'd like it as much as I do...

          Through here and by googling blogs I've come across some beautiful work ,2 designs I've seen are for sale on etsy , soon as I have the spare cash I'm definatly going to treat myself.

          its free and for 15 mins every few days its another way to get my name out there
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            I dont sell my stuff, I just blog for the fun of it!

            But I can see how it could help - you can advertise your website/online shop on your blog, and feature new items you have made. And it will be a different footfall of people viewing your blog so will open up what you are selling to a larger audience.

            It doesnt take very long to blog, it is quite low maintenance really and you dont have to do much setting up like with a website because it is already done for you.

            To get a blog, the 2 main ones I can think of are blogger (which most people here seem to have) or wordpress. Just google them to find the website and then you just enter your details to sign up and you have a blog instantly!


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              I love blogging. I actually have three and I really enjoy writing them all. I have different outlooks on mine. Crystal Velvet Weddings is what I'd term a professional blog. I tend to write non personal stuff and keep it business like. I do a lot of self promotion through it.

              My other two blogs are faith related and one of those is a shared blog that I write with autumn rose. I enjoy them all for different reasons and never find blog writing a chore.
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                I put off blogging for ages - was sure I'd have nothing to say and really wasn't keen, but once I took the plunge I found I really enjoy it. It's difficult to say how many sales are a direct result of the blog, but it's very useful for showcasing new designs, and fun for stuff like the giveaway I'm running at the moment. I feature other indie designers on mine too which is useful if I'm having a quiet week!

                I'm also addicted to reading other people's - if my feed of blogs gets any longer I'm never going to get any work done . I'd say give it a go - you can always delete it if it's not for you.
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                  I blog once a week with new items or generally what I have been up to. Yesterday got my first sale through my blog and from the US of A, so any advertising that is free is worth the bit of effort and you will find that it gets easier once you have started.


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                    Blogging is great fun I have been blogging for just over a year (went to check and I missed my aniversary which was march 4 )
                    I know what you mean about feeling like you talk to yourself but just because people don't comment doesn't mean it's not being read so keep on adding to it. Each time I post I think I should post more often but then I should do loads of things more often lol
                    I have loads linked on mine and the trick to keeping up to date is to add them to the widget that shows updated blogs at the top. I wonder of da boss could add a sticky post to the blog forum so that each blogger could add it there..that way we could all add to our lists and support each other
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                      I have a blog that seems to average at 50 hits a day gasp! so if I had a link to a web site who knows eh?. I put a world map counter on there and my top visiting country is USA. Italy has more than UK at times. I am mesmerized where all the hits come from. I find it great fun and have made a few world wide friends in the process. Try it darl I bet you love it. xxx

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                        I have only been blogging for a little while now. It does take a bit of time to do it when you dont know what your doing in the first
                        I feel I lead a very boring life, and sometimes I just dont know what to write about, and I feel that sometimes talking about my work I am just using it as a way to push my business....something I dont really like doing, as I am not a pushy sales person. The stuff I have written about are things that were memorable occasions and things that were quite important to me. I love the way people show their new stuff in a blog so I have been trying to do that also. Good luck with your new blog.
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                          Go for it! I love blogging, have only started recently as I thought I'd have nothing to say and nobody would want to read it anyway! But I really enjoy it, most of my blogs are showing my latest makes and I enter a lot of challenges which helps keep the old creative juices going. I don't think it's given me any business yet, but it's getting my name out there and for free, so that's got to be a good thing.
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                            I love my blog and I really love reading other blogs, there are so many talented people about it amazes me! The only trouble is Im not getting as much work done as I should be
                            Beadsbydesign invited me to share a blog with her also creativeandfaithful, Im loving the music videos in this one!

                            Sign up as soon as you can and I will follow you

                            The only thing I cant get my head around is Twitter... it wont let me see anyone else
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                              Sarah when you Twitter you stay on "your page" as it were, anyone you follow, whatever they twitter will show on your page and if they follow you, they will see whatever you Twitter. I couldn't get my head around it at first as I felt I should be going over to other people's pages, just find some people to follow and it'll all make sense (kinda, sorta!)

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