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    Although i make cards I have alway's fancied maiking tiara's. Is there anyone on here who make's them who can let me know what basic materials and tools I would need. I really would be starting from scratch and any advice would be appreciated!
    chilli xxx

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    Tiaras are wondeful to make.
    There are a lot of techniques to master and if you haven't made jewellery before then it may be a little challanging.
    A good place to start is the mail order beads (nottingham) tiara book. It will list the materials and give a starting point.
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      Im currently trying to attatch feather sprays to a headband and its prooving to be a nightmare.
      Not the same as a tiara, they seem alot more fiddly.May have a sneeky peek at a tiara book myself.

      Good luck

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        Beads Unlimited ( do a range of simple beaded tiara's, everything you need in a kit. I did one and it only took about 40 minutes, and I'd never done it before.
        Good place to start before branching out on your own.
        I believe the kit is about a fiver +postage of course.
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          I used to make copper wire beaded hair decorations. It was a cross between crochet and tatting I suppose. Very fiddly but pretty medieval-looking results. Tiarra's look quite tricky but very satisfying I imagine.

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            i'd defianalty go for the book beadsbydesign recomended, i've got it and it's fantastic

            here's the link




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              The book looks good, I have been wanting to get into making my own tiaras for a while now. This forum post is quite old now, so hoping that the book (and website) are still available...


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                i did a one day course and it was great



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                  Hi, what type of tiara do you want to make? You could try making a crystal headband first to learn the basicsf wrapping wire onto band.
                  You would need a tiara band, 0.4mm or 0.3mm non tarnish wire and a selection of beads approx 5mm/6mm. Wrap the wire around the band then wind each bead on and continue round until you reach the other end.

                  I hope that makes sense! Good luck and wait to become addicted and fustrated. lol
                  samantha x


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                    Tiara Making Course in Darlington

                    I've just added info about our tiara maing course in Hurworth near darlington in County Durham.
                    You can find details on our website that you can find via google (no enough posts to leave the website here!).
                    amici jewellery design