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  • Brass necked promotion!

    Last thursday night we went out to my middle sons parents evening.
    He is a very bright lad but he is incredibly disorganised. It was said of him in primary school that he'd probably discover the cure for cancer and then forget where he's put it!

    Anyway, we trolled around the various teachers being told how well he was doing and that he was in the top few, but that his organisational skills were lacking. He's predicted A* on all subjecs and the teachers are all routing for him. With his organisational issues, they all said give me your email and we'll sort him out. I handed out leaflets to every teacher as I've taken the descission not to have business card. I feel that with a business card, the impetus to actually go and look at the web site is in someone elses hand, whereas with the leaflet you are able to showcase your work really well and people willl actually look. I also always carry a handbag, so it's not a problem transporting them.

    Anyway, since Thursday I've been contacted by two teachers and not about Ols work either.... One is getting married and the other needs a special gift. Hows that for networking!!
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    Clever! I personally, would be much more likely to read a leflet than a business card anyway.
    Gail x

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      Well done, it is amazing how often a networking opportunity pops up
      I never leave home without my brochures/business cards.

      I do hope that when your son does find the cure for cancer, he has a good team behind him who have taken notes

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        Great stuff!!