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I can't stop buying!!

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  • I can't stop buying!!

    I keep buying craft stuff!!At the moment its a wooden shape obsession.I blame paypal as its a secret stash of money that doesnt really feel like im spending money so I wont get a big credit card bill at the end of the month, its already paid for...hooorayyy!!

    I think Il try to stop now.I have enough to be getting on with...until next time.

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    Totally with you there - I cant stop either, kind of 'legitimate' shopping as it's craft stuff, but could pretty much shop for anything if needed!


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      I'm exactly the same right now!

      Glitter card, wooden shapes, backing paper, sizzix dies - you name it, I'm buying it just now. It has to stop!

      I keep saying to myself Right! That's enough, then think weeeeell, I just need this and then just need that.

      Was just thinking that while I'm out at the shops later, I'll just go and see what kind of ribbon they have argggggggggh



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        Me too. It's even worse at the moment, as I'm on bed rest at the moment after back surgery so can't even make anything. Doing a lot of planning in my head.


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          I'm the same. I have loads of cardmaking stuff now but I can't seem to go in my local craft supplies shop without coming out with more. Someone posted a link to a closing down sale on a craft site a few days ago and I've been itching to get my credit card out but I'm trying to resist. I don't have a lot of time at the moment to make cards anyway so I don't know why I feel the need to buy more stuff.



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            I know the feeling I can't stop buying beads, yet my stash is large enough to keep me busy for months!!!

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              Me too

              yes I too have a problem with this..And I got made redundant on Tuesday last week so its the last thing I should be doing is buying new stock when I have enought (I think) to get by....Auntie Peg xx


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                Haha, I knew I'm not the only one! I have a really bad habit to look bead shop's web sites and suddenly it is really urgent to place a new massive order. And it's so nice to stare all my new beads Yeah, somebody could call us crazy me thinks...


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                  Me too!

                  I watched Create and craft at the weekend and I told myself I was only watching for card making ideas. So why have I just had a visit from a very weighed down postman.
                  They are temptation wizards. They cast a wicked spell over me and I buy something that I will drool over for half an hour then store with the last 5 kits I bought but won't use because they are "too pretty" Its madness .....madness I say!


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                    Beading stuff for me too! I keep seeing/having great ideas and want to stock up while I'm thinking about it... not safe!
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                      Me too, but I'd be less peeved if the things I bought would turn up on time. Royal Mail strikes again...!
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                        I made sure I didnt' flick onto C&C all weekend, because I would have had to buy something


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                          *stands up* my name is Jan & I'm a crafting shopaholic - phew that's better out in the open! LOL

                          I'm with you guys, my latest obsession is downloading papers & stamps, I only spend a few pounds each time (and on Paypal too) so it doesn't feel too bad, but boy does it add up quickly. Then I went to the Craft4Crafters fair at the weekend, and whoops there I went again. I could probably craft for the next 12 months without buying another thing - like that's going to happen!!
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                            I have a real problem with bead buying, I see all these lovely beads, especially lampwork, and just cannot resist them.
                            I have been on a self-imposed ban for over 6 months now - I need the money for essential things like food apparently - but a few little bits have slipped through.
                            It helped give me a shock to the system when I did an inventory of what I have bought and I added it all up. It has certainly given me an incentive to stop when I feel my cursor heading for the 'add to cart' button.



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                              can i join you all in the confessions of a craftaholic!!!!
                              very new to this world but already very addicted!!!
                              cant stop thinking oh i think i need this and that, husband is not amused
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